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    Carrollton Jackknife Truck Accidents

    A big rig, 18-wheeler, or tractor trailer truck must be operated with a high level of driving skill or there is a real risk of jackknife. A truck jackknife accident happens when the truck trailer swings around to the cab of the truck thereby causing the tractor trailer truck to look like a jackknife. A tractor trailer truck is two-parted so that it can make turns more sharply and precisely. The two-part nature of a tractor trailer truck, unfortunately, allows the two cab and trailer to move or stop at different speeds in certain scenarios.

    When a tractor trailer truck is jackknifed, the truck driver has very little control; therefore, the vehicle is a threat to other passenger cars and pedestrians. Truck Jackknife accidents also can cause serious injury to truck drivers because they often end with a truck rollover. Jackknife accidents are among the scariest of all trucking accidents outside of head-on collisions. If you have been involved in a jackknife accident, contact a Carrollton truck accident lawyer today.

    Causes of Tractor Trailer Accidents

    There are various reasons that the trailer of a truck may begin swinging side to side (it is called trailer slew or trailer swing) causing it to jackknife and roll over. Determining the cause of the jackknife accident is an important fact in filing a claim or lawsuit in a trucking accident case.

    The most common cause of a jackknife truck wreck is loss of traction. What usually happens is the wheels of the tractor trailer truck lock while approaching a wet or icy area causing the trailer to continue its move forward. The trailer then swings to one side causing the jackknife. Other causes include speeding, turning too quickly to avoid a road hazard, other vehicle, or a wrongly loaded trailer. Abrupt stops are another cause of a jackknife accident.

    When a truck driver approaches a dangerous situation requiring a sudden stop,the trucker has three braking options, including the following:

    • Locking the trailers axles, causing the driver to lose directional control of the truck;
    • Locking the steering axle brakes, causing the rig to move straight ahead, regardless of the angle of the wheels;and
    • Locking the drive axles. This most commonly results in the truck jackknifing.

    The lawyers at our firm understand that oftentimes the outcomes of jackknife accidents depend on a truck driver’s actions. Was a trucking accident you or a loved one was injured in caused by the actions or negligence of a truck driver? If so, you may be eligible to make a claim to recover damages.

    Liability in a Truck Jackknife Accident

    Determining liability is critical early on in an accident. There could be more than one party named in a lawsuit. If the tractor trailer truck had been improperly maintained, the company involved in maintenance could be held liable. Was the tractor trailer loaded incorrectly? The company that loaded the trailer may be responsible. Was the truck driver speeding, or moving too quickly for the weather conditions? The trucking company may be the responsible party. It is extremely important that the details of your case are fully evaluated so that the right legal action is taken. You can be confident that our Metro Atlanta trucking wreck lawyers will carefully analyze the situation and file a claim or lawsuit against all of the parties involved.