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    Carrollton Rollover Truck Accident Lawyer

    Some of the most severe injuries occur in crashes involving commercial trucks. Due to their larger size and weight, trucks are more likely to tip over if the driver loses control, resulting in major damage to any surrounding vehicles. If you were injured in a wreck with a truck, contact a Carrollton rollover truck accident lawyer for help filing your civil claim. A seasoned truck collision attorney will be knowledgeable of the complexities and nuances that often come with motor vehicle accidents, including commercial trucks.

    How Do Rollover Accidents Occur?

    A rollover wreck happens when one of the four wheels of the vehicle leaves the roadway and tips over on its side or roof. A rollover accident involving a truck may occur when a trucker overcorrects, causing the truck to go sideways violently. A blown tire could also lead to a rollover trucking collision.

    Rollover crashes are some of the most violent accidents that happen on the roadways in America. When a rollover wreck occurs, the vehicle is completely out of control of the driver. There is no predictability as to where it is going and where it might land. Not only are people and other vehicles in danger, so are pedestrians and anyone else on the roadway.

    How to Avoid Having a Truck Tip Over

    While rollover accidents are sometimes unpreventable, there are precautions that drivers can take to avoid a rollover accident. These include:

    • Proper tire maintenance
    • Appropriate truck maintenance
    • Maintaining diligence while driving
    • Driving at a safe speed
    • Avoid using handheld or other electronic devices while driving

    Maintenance of the truck is key to preventing rollover collisions that occur due to malfunctions of the truck and tires. Proper diligence while operating the truck is another important component. Additionally, many states have outlawed the use of handheld devices while operating vehicles. When a truck driver runs off the road and overcorrects, it is often due to driving while using a cellphone or other electronic device.

    Unpreventable Rollover Crashes

    One never knows when a malfunction to a tire might happen, even if they inspect their truck regularly. Many lawsuits involve commercial vehicle tires and the standards for which they are made. Many product liability lawsuits begin when an investigation into a rollover accident takes place, and investigators discover that the tires on the truck were not manufactured properly. Another unforeseen factor is the use of retread tires. Tractor-trailer truck tires are extremely expensive. When a trucker is an owner-operator, they may use retread tires that were re-manufactured to be put back on the road. Most retread tires blow and cause severe crashes. A rollover truck accident lawyer in Carrollton could assess a crash involving a truck and determine whether the trucker, trucking company, or manufacturer could be held liable.

    First Steps After a Rollover Collisions

    When someone is involved in a rollover accident, they should first make sure they are okay and check on the others around them. If someone appears to be injured, they should not be moved unless they are in the middle of the roadway or other dangerous situation. With a rollover accident, the individual should sit tight until the authorities arrive. Unless someone is in a remote location, there is no need for them to call 911. A person should presume that witnesses to the accident have already done so. If the person is injured, they should seek medical treatment.

    Role of an Attorney in Rollover Cases

    The investigation into an accident is a critical factor in a truck rollover crash no matter what one might think caused the rollover. An experienced truck rollover attorney in Carrollton may hire experts and also personally visit the crash scene to see if there are roadway defects or visible problems with the tractor-trailer truck. A seasoned legal professional knows the steps to take immediately before a trucking company or an insurance company tries to hide any evidence. The lawyer also makes sure that the injured individual obtains the medical care they need to recover from their injuries.

    Reach Out to a Carrollton Rollover Truck Accident Attorney

    If you were involved in a rollover truck crash, you could be entitled to compensation for your serious injuries. A diligent Carrollton rollover truck lawyer could help you pull together necessary evidence, documentation, and expert testimonies to build your claim. Contact legal counsel today to file your claim before your right to take legal actions expires.