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    Mistakes to Avoid After a Carrollton Truck Accident

    There are several mistakes to avoid after a Carrollton truck accident. Making these errors could jeopardize your claim and risk your opportunity at recovering compensation. A well-versed lawyer could help navigate the claims process so you do not make any missteps that could hurt your case.

    Admitting Fault

    Individuals involved in collisions with trucks can become overwhelmed immediately following the accident and could simply assume that they were at fault. However, Carrollton motorists should avoid making the mistake of admitting fault at the scene of a truck wreck because it is difficult to fully understand the cause of the accident immediately following a collision. Therefore, an individual may place blame on themselves without being liable.

    A truck driver’s maintenance and driving time logs provide experienced trucking lawyers with vast quantities of information about the trucker and their employer that an individual involved in an accident may likely not have access to or be able to professionally review. This information could shift blame for the accident; therefore, an individual should avoid admitting fault when they do not have all of the relevant information.

    Instead, the individual should see to their care first and wait for emergency medical personnel to arrive. Afterward, an experienced truck wreck attorney could the case objectively to determine what caused the collision.

    Why is Apologizing a Mistake?

    Apologizing at the scene of an accident, acting in an overly polite or emotional manner, or making statements regarding fault to the truck driver can damage an individual’s case later. Apologies are typically not well received nor readily available at most truck accident sites. The most prudent course of action after an individual has been involved in a truck wreck is to wait for emergency personnel to arrive and leave the investing to their attorney and law enforcement officers.

    Refusing Medical Treatment

    Initially refusing medical treatment after a truck accident in Carrollton can be a mistake because an individual may not know that they are injured. While their adrenaline is still flowing, they may not feel any physical issues, and avoid going to the hospital. However, attorneys advise parties to seek medical attention immediately after a collision with a trucker because injuries can worsen over time if they are not checked out.

    Failure to Follow Up with Treatment

    It is a mistake to not follow a doctor’s medical treatment plan in a Carrollton trucking accident case because without any injuries or documented care, there can be no claim for bodily injury. A lawyer should have years of experience navigating health insurance and relevant medical care, and therefore, understands how it can contribute to a successful outcome in a case.

    Additionally, gaps in treatment represent significant hurdles for adequate recovery. A treatment gap gives the at-fault party a clear defense and the opportunity to argue to a jury that a claimant was not badly injured. While hectic work schedules and typical day-to-day obligations may explain gaps in treatment, they can severely limit the amount of recovery that a plaintiff may be eligible for in a truck accident injury case.

    Giving Recorded Statements to Insurance Companies

    Insurance adjusters are aware that many people do not immediately contact a personal injury attorney after an accident. They use this opportunity to insistently attempt to obtain a recorded statement to gather as much evidence against them as possible.

    Providing these recorded statements to the trucker’s insurance company before consulting with an attorney is a significant error to avoid, however, because it may result in this person inadvertently saying something that could damage their truck wreck case. Insurance adjusters may be highly trained to ask open-ended questions that manipulate injured parties to unintentionally talk themselves out of liability coverage. An attorney could coach an individual prior to providing a statement to an insurance company or determine whether or not they are obligated to provide one.

    Contact an Attorney to Learn About Mistakes to Avoid Following a Truck Wreck in Carrollton

    You should reach out to a lawyer after a collision because once the trucking company knows that one of their vehicles has been involved in a crash, their investigation begins. A trucking company’s efforts to bolster their case may involve covering up evidence that would be detrimental to their defense.

    Additionally, you also may be at risk of hurting your own case. An attorney could explain the mistakes to avoid after a Carrollton truck accident. Overall, contacting a legal representative must be done as soon as practically possible to ensure that you have a strongly supported case and obtain a positive outcome for your claim. To get started on your case, call today.