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    Carrollton RV Accident Lawyer

    The lure of the open roads. No security lines, no luggage, no rental cars. Motor homes and RV’s are more common on the roads and highways in American than ever. People hit the roads in these large, luxurious vehicles every day to travel through the country in comfort and style. These large vehicles are often the size of large passenger buses or tractor trailer trucks; however, there are no special licenses required to drive them in Georgia and Alabama. The combo of the size of these vehicles and inexperienced drivers make RV’s often dangerous to those sharing the roads with them.

    If you or someone you know has been involved in an accident with an RV, contact a Carrollton RV and truck accident attorney today.

    RV Accidents

    Motor homes or RV’s have seemed to become more common on the roads, with many people choosing to hit the road in these increasingly larger and more luxurious vehicles.

    Both retirees and vacationers enjoy the freedom these vehicles can give them to travel throughout the country in comfort and style. However, these large vehicles are often the size of large buses or even semi-trailer trucks yet have no special licensing requirements to get behind the wheel. It is the combination of size and inexperienced drivers that can make these vehicles a menace for those who must share the roads with them.

    Types of Georgia RV’s

    RV’s or motor homes come in all sizes, from smaller “camper” vehicles to the large bus-type Class A varieties. All tend to be taller, wider and longer than most passenger vehicles; making them more difficult to maneuver and giving the drivers limited visibility. The different types of RV’s that you will see on the road are:

    • Class C. Most Class C RV’s are built on what are referred to as a cutaway van chassis. These are often called “mini” motor homes and are easier to drive then the larger varieties. The front end looks and drives more like a truck or van.
    • Class B. Class B motor homes are basically van campers and are also usually constructed on a van wheelbase like Class C RV’s.
    • Class A. For most people, when thinking of a RV, the Class A is what comes to mind. These are the most comfortable and luxurious but also the most dangerous on the road. They can be up to 45 feet long and 8.5 feet wide, often built on a bus chassis.

    RV’s, especially Class A’s, have all the same dangers as any large commercial truck or bus on the road. In addition to risks due to size, weight, and ability to stop or maneuver, RV’s have the most risky element behind the wheel. While large commercial truck drivers must obtain training and a special license to drive and are routinely checked to ensure they adhere to DOT standards, RV drivers do not have any such requirements.

    Causes of RV Accidents

    These large vehicles are much different to drive than any other car, truck or van that most people drive on a regular basis. Some specific differences that can lead to accidents are:

    • Rollover tendency. Like any tall, narrow vehicle, RV’s are much more likely to roll or tip over. Class A’s are especially susceptible to rollover due to their wheelbase when negotiating a curve or swerving to avoid an object on the road.
    • Stopping distance. Class A RV’s can range up to 30,000 pounds, putting them well into what is consider a “large truck” by transportation standards. This weight increases their stopping distance and force of impact.
    • Visibility. Just like tractor trailer trucks and buses, drivers of RV’s have limited visibility of the other passenger vehicles and pedestrians that may be on the road with them.

    Contact a Carrollton RV Accident Lawyer

    If you or a family member was hurt in a motor vehicle accident involving an RV or motor home, you need the experience of an experienced Atlanta trucking accident attorneys to investigate your claims and get you the financial compensation you deserve. Insurance companies, when you act alone, will not offer you anywhere near the compensation that you deserve for the injuries you have sustained. An experienced Carrollton RV Accident lawyer can negotiate with the insurance companies for you and go to trial, if necessary, to get you justice. Call us Today!