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    Carrollton Testosterone Lawyer

    The TV commercials and print advertisements are everywhere.  Men over 50 (usually gray headed) suffering from moodiness, lack of sleep, and loss of sex drive (all common signs of aging) are urged to seek medical help to be prescribed low testosterone drugs in the form of Abbvie’s Androgel, Eli Lilly’s Axiron, and others. These prescription drugs that treat men suffering from low testosterone levels are now under fire from the United States Food & Drug Administration.  The FDA is essentially telling manufacturers of low testosterone drugs to stop targeting average men with low sex drive and fatigue simply because of age. Unfortunately, this therapy has also led to heart attack and strokes facilitating the need for a Carrollton testosterone lawyer who can hold manufacturers responsible and get those injured the compensation they deserve by filing a lawsuit.

    Side Effects Associated with Testosterone

    Testosterone replacement therapy gained approval by the FDA for the treatment of the deficiency or absence of endogenous (naturally produced by the body) testosterone, primary hypogonadism and hypogonadotropic hypogonadism.  The prescription drugs developed to treat these disorders came to the market in the form of gels, patches, pills, and shots.  On January 31, 2014, the FDA announced that they were investigating the increased risk of heart attack, stroke and cardiac death related to Testosterone Replacement Therapy use.  Following completion of the investigation, on March 3, 2015, the FDA announced that they were requiring Low-T drug manufacturers to place a warning on the box about the increased risk of stroke and heart attack associated with the products.

    Filing a Lawsuit After Testosterone Therapy

    Men using Testosterone Replacement Therapy drugs are at risk and could experience serious side effects, including heart attack, stroke and even death. Find out if you can join the testosterone heart attack / AndroGel lawsuit today by contacting one of the Carrollton attorneys with our firm.

    Any of the following Testosterone brands could be harmful:

    • AndroGel®
    • Androderm®
    • Android 10®
    • Android 25®
    • Axiron®
    • Fortesta®
    • Bio-T-Gel®
    • Delatestryl®
    • Depo-Testosterone®
    • Methyltestosterone®
    • Striant®
    • Testim®
    • Testopel®
    • Testosterone
    • Cypionate®
    • Enanthate®
    • Testred®

    Contact the Low Testosterone Lawyers in Carrollton Today

    Our Carrollton Low Testosterone Lawyers represent people all over America against dangerous drug manufacturers.  No matter where you live, contact us by calling, filling out an online contact form, or by chatting with one of our people LIVE right now to determine if you can take part in any settlements or lawsuits against low testosterone drug makers.  Our team is waiting to help you.