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    Carrollton Invokana Lawyer

    Sodium-glucose cotransporter 2 inhibitors (SGLT2 inhibitors) represent a new type of type 2 diabetes medication that includes Invokana®, a prescription tablet produced by Janssen Pharmaceutical, a division of Johnson & Johnson. By preventing glucose from being reabsorbed into the bloodstream, SGLT2 inhibitors are supposed to help control symptoms of diabetes.

    In December 2015, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ordered Janssen Pharmaceutical to publish warnings on package labels regarding health risks associated with using Invokana®. Earlier in 2015, the FDA had received at least 20 complaints from type 2 and type 1 diabetes patients who developed diabetic ketoacidosis from taking Invokana®. If you or a loved one are one of these people, it is important you hold drug manufacturers responsible by consulting with a Carrollton Invokana lawyer. Through the help of a dangerous drug attorney, you can recover damages for any injuries sustained and ensure that manufacturers are put on notice.


    Ketoacidosis is a serious medical issue involving the accumulation of ketones in the blood as the body starts breaking down fat for energy due to lack of insulin. Ketones are chemicals necessary to break down fat. They also increase blood acidity to the point where ketoacidosis can develop, a life-threatening condition that causes vomiting, difficulty breathing and mental confusion.

    Doctors test for ketoacidosis by performing a potassium, glucose or arterial blood gas test. If ketoacidosis is detected, immediate treatment is essential for returning blood acid levels to normal as quickly as possible. Therapies for ketoacidosis include fluid, insulin or electrolyte therapy.

    Anyone diagnosed with ketoacidosis after taking Invokana® or other SGLT2 inhibitors has the legal option of filing a product liability lawsuit through the assistance of a Carrollton Invokana lawyer and receiving compensation for their pain, suffering and medical bills.

    Other SGLT2 Inhibitors Warnings

    In addition to diabetic ketoacidosis, SGLT2 inhibitors like Invokana® may also cause:

    • Hypotension (dangerously low blood pressure)
    • Serious kidney infections (pyelonephritis or urosepsis)
    • Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
    • Increased risk of bone fractures
    • Allergic reactions/severe hives/swelling of the face or throat

    Increases in LDL cholesterol have also been reported in people taking SGLT2 inhibitors. A raised LDL level is an especially harmful side effect because high cholesterol produces no discernible symptoms. Although an SGLT2 inhibitor may be helping someone control their diabetes, it could also be damaging their heart arteries by clogging heart arterial walls with accumulations of plaque deposits.

    Filing an Invokana® Lawsuit–What You Need to Know

    Carrollton Invokana lawyers representing clients who have suffered serious health problems as a result of taking an SGLT2 inhibitor are currently filing lawsuits against the makers of Invokana®. Most medical complaints involving SGLT2 inhibitors concern kidney damage and ketoacidosis that resulted in hundreds of individuals being hospitalized for several days. Attorneys are aggressively questioning whether Johnson & Johnson provided adequate, timely warnings to doctors and their patients about the risks of taking SGLT2 inhibitors.

    Contacting a Carrollton Invokana Lawyer

    If you have taken Invokana® or another SGLT2 inhibitor for the management of diabetes and suffered kidney damage, ketoacidosis or any one of the health problems previously mentioned, contact The Parian Law Firm, LLC today to speak to an experienced Carrollton Invokana lawyer. We offer free case evaluations and the kind of personal attention you expect from a respected and compassionate attorney fighting for your health and consumer rights. Be sure to read our defective drug page to get a more in depth look of other drug lawsuits we cover.