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    Carrollton GranuFlo Lawyers

    The defective drug lawyers of The Parian Law Firm, LLC are currently looking into the link between the popular dialysis product GranuFlo by Fresenius Medical Care and its link to deadly strokes and cardiac arrest. Our Carrollton GranuFlo attorneys handle these cases all over America to hold GranuFlo’s manufacturer, Fresenius Medical Care, liable for the injuries caused.

    GranuFlo Injury Lawsuits

    GranuFlo is a dialysis product manufactured and used by Fresenius Medical Care.  Fresenius is the leading provider of dialysis treatments and dialysis products in America.  Technically speaking, GranuFlo is a chemical component of DIALYSATE which is used during hemodialysis to clean the blood of patients who have End Stage Renal Disease (“ESRD”).

    One-third of all dialysis patients are treated at Fresenius dialysis centers that used the GranuFlo product. It is estimated that another 125,000 dialysis patients in other clinics also used the product, making it possible that 250,000 patients a year that used GranuFlo as part of their dialysis treatment. The product was distributed for four years, from 2008 to 2012. A lawyer in Carrollton could provide more information on the uses of Granuflo

    Determining Whether You Have a Claim

    The Carrollton lawyers have determined the following criteria for clients with possible GranuFlo claims.  If you or a loved one meet these criteria, contact  The Parian Law Firm, LLC today.

    • Suffered Any Form of Cardiac Event including stroke; AND
    • Suffered the event during dialysis treatment or within 24 hours of dialysis treatment.

    GranuFlo Recalled by Food & Drug Administration

    The FDA determined that GranuFlo was causing elevated bicarbonate levels in the blood of dialysis patients.  Too much bicarbonate in a the body leads to a pH imbalance in the blood known as “metabolic alkalosis.”  That imbalance is dangerous and deadly as it causes arrhythmias or fibrillations in the heart which can lead to sudden cardiac arrest and death or blood clots, leading to stroke.

    Fresenius issued a recall on GranuFlo in March of 2012.  The FDA classified the recall as Class 1, which is the most serious type of recall issued.  There is evidence that Fresenius was already aware of the problem months and even possibly a year or more prior. In November 2011, an internal memo was sent to doctors that worked in the company owned dialysis centers that there was a high risk of cardiac arrest in patients that were undergoing dialysis and being administered GranuFlo improperly. The memo stated that 941 patients had cardiac arrests while being treated in Fresenius dialysis centers in 2010. However, this information was never communicated to the many other dialysis centers that use GranuFlo. It was not until this memo was leaked to the FDA that Fresenius issued the recall, four months or more later. A lawyer in Carrollton could explain why Granuflo was recalled.

    Contacting a Carrollton GranuFlo Attorney

    Our firm is currently accepting GranuFlo induced injury and death cases in all 50 states.  Every state has different time limits on when injury claims can be filed.  In many cases, if an injury claim is not filed in the Court against the parties responsible for injuries, the injured person is likely barred from ever bringing any claims against the responsible party.

    You should contact our Carrollton GranuFlo lawyers immediately for a free case consultation.  In some cases, your time limit for filing claims on these devices, and other defective medical devices, may be very near the end. Our Georgia Defective Drugs Lawyers are Waiting to hear from you.