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    Carrollton Byetta Lawyer

    Our dangerous drug lawyers are reviewing claims that the diabetic drug Byetta increases the risk to patients for pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer. Our Carrollton Byetta lawyers handle these cases all over America and will likely take part in nationwide lawsuits seeking to hold Byetta’s manufacturer liable for the injuries caused.

    Byetta Drug Claims

    Byetta (also known exenatide) is a drug used to regulate blood sugar in type-2 diabetes patients.  It is considered an incretin mimetic which means that it mimics incretin hormones.  Byetta works by increasing incretin hormones that the body normally produces once a meal is eaten to stimulate insulin production. Byetta can do this by either mimicking them or inhibiting enzymes that destroy the naturally occurring incretin hormones. The end result of using Byetta with diet and exercise is to control blood sugar levels within the body.

    Side Effects

    The FDA first approved Byetta in 2005, and by 2007, the FDA had already listed concerns regarding high numbers of patients with pancreatitis that were taking the drug.  In 2013, the FDA issued another alert that Byetta is linked to pancreatic cancer and thyroid cancer, as well.   New research released now points that Byetta may increase the risk up to six times in patients using it in their diabetic treatment. These new findings may lend further credence to lawsuits that have already been filed on behalf of patients that suffered pancreas issues after using the drug.

    Importance of a Carrollton Byetta Attorney

    Our firm is currently accepting Byetta induced injury cases in all 50 states.  Every state has different time limits on when injury claims can be filed.  In many cases, if an injury claim is not filed in the Court against the parties responsible for injuries, the injured person is likely barred from ever bringing any claims against the responsible party.

    You should contact our Carrollton Byetta lawyers immediately for a free case consultation.  In some cases, your time limit for filing claims may be very near the end.  We can help determine that for you!  Our Georgia personal injury attorneys are waiting to hear from you.