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    Carrollton Actos Lawyer

    The Carrollton Actos lawyers at The Parian Law Firm, LLC take very seriously the danger that drug companies put patients in by not informing them of all the risks associated with a drug. That is why our dangerous drug attorneys are currently accepting Actos induced injury cases in all states. If you or someone you know has suffered from any of the complications below or death, and you believe that the Actos may be to blame, you should contact us today.

    Actos Drug Claims

    Manufactured by Takeda Pharmaceuticals and marketed by Eli-Lilly and Company in the US, Actos (or pioglitazone) is a medication used to control blood sugar in persons suffering from type 2 diabetes. As of writing this web page, Actos is one of the top 15 best selling drugs in America. The Federal Drug Administration, in 2011, issued a warning stating that Actos use for more than one year may be associated with an increased risk for bladder cancer. This report stemmed from a 10-year study that found that Actos users could be 40 percent more at risk to develop bladder cancer.

    Call Our Carrollton Actos attorneys if you or a loved one meets the following criteria:

    • Took the diabetes drug Actos for more than one calendar year; and
    • Developed Bladder Cancer

    Common Side Effects

    Actos is supposed to improve blood sugar (glucose) in type 2 diabetes patients when coupled with diet and exercise. It is an oral tablet that belongs to the thiazolidinedione drug class, and its purpose is to lower blood glucose and increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin. Rather than helping people, as it should, prolonged Actos use has been linked to putting users significantly at risk for bladder cancer. The manufacturer, Japanese giant Takeda Pharmaceuticals has updated the label to include the following:

    “[p]reclinical and clinical trial date, and results from an observational study suggest an increased risk of bladder cancer in pioglitazone users. The observational data further, suggest that the risk increases with duration of use. Do not use in patients with active bladder cancer. Use caution when using in patients with a prior history of bladder cancer.”

    Hiring a Carrollton Actos Lawyer

    The Carrollton Actos attorneys of The Parian Law Firm, LLC are known for helping their clients get successful and significant compensation for injuries or death caused by dangerous prescription drugs — such as Actos. Our lawyers are dedicated to fighting the fight on your behalf so that justice is done and hopefully no one else suffers from taking this or any other dangerous drug.