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    Carrollton Actemra Lawyer

    Arthritis is a very painful health condition, and many victims seek effective new treatments to alleviate the painful symptoms associated with the disease. Unfortunately, some arthritis drugs come with undisclosed side effects that can cause more harm than good.

    Actemra is a new arthritis drug on the market that consists of injections for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. While many arthritis patients find Actemra helpful, the injections have proven dangerous for some patients.

    If you or your loved one were injured by arthritis injections, an experienced Carrollton Actemra lawyer may be able to help. Consult a qualified dangerous drugs attorney that can advocate for you.

    Actemra’s History on the Market

    Actemra received approval from the FDA in 2010 and is used by both adults and children to reduce joint inflammation and pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis. The inflammation from rheumatoid arthritis is brought about by the immune system malfunctioning and attacking the patient’s body, including their joints.

    Reportedly, Actemra may cause damage to the pancreas, heart, and lungs. Any arthritis patient using Actemra arthritis injections who has experienced issues with these organs should immediately consult their doctor if they have not already, followed by a skilled Carrollton Actemra lawyer.

    Some of the most common problems associated with the use of Actemra arthritis injections include, but are not limited to, heart failure, heart attacks, heart palpitations, pancreatitis, breathing problems, complications in the lungs, bacterial infections, and urinary tract infections.

    Failure to Warn

    The manufacturers of Actemra may not have adequately warned consumers and their doctors about the serious potential side effects of taking Actemra arthritis injections. When product manufacturers, including drug makers, fail to warn consumers about how a product works and should be used properly, this may constitute a product defect in the form of a marketing defect.

    In other words, the product was marketed in a manner that was deceptive, false, or misleading. Product makers and drug manufacturers have a legal responsibility to consumers to make sure they are aware of the potential side effects so that they can make an informed decision when deciding on arthritis treatment.

    Actemra Arthritis Injury Damages in Carrollton

    Victims of Actemra arthritis injection injuries may be eligible for compensation for damages associated with their injury, including medical costs, surgery, medication, and lost wages stemming from time away from work. They may also be eligible for damages related to emotional or psychological trauma, such as pain and suffering.

    If an arthritis patient passed away due to the negligence of the drug manufacturer, their family may be eligible for wrongful death benefits. Seasoned Carrollton Actemra attorneys could examine the circumstances of the arthritis injection injury and explain to victims or their families what damages they may be eligible to receive from their claim.

    Consult a Carrollton Actemra Attorney Today

    Even if you are not certain whether your arthritis medication injections have caused you undue injury, it is important to consult with an attorney in Carrollton who deals with Actemra arthritis injection injuries.

    Your Carrollton Actemra lawyer can investigate that connection between your current condition and the Actemra arthritis injections, and determine whether Actemra’s manufacturer and distributor may be liable for the injuries you have experienced.