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    Talladega Premises Liability Lawyer

    Owners of businesses, stores, and even homeowners are required to take reasonable measure to ensure that those who come on to their property are safe from dangerous conditions and hazards such as exposed electrical wires, broken steps, and poorly maintained railings.

    However, all too often property owners will cut corners and put costs over your safety and will not fix hazardous conditions or provide adequate warnings to people like you. When you are injured because of a property owner’s failure to provide a safe environment, it can result in more than just physical pain.

    There can be serious long-term effects of an injury that may leave you out of work for extended periods of time, incur unexpected medical bills and expenses, and leave you with scars and physical discomfort making it important to contact a Talladega premises liability attorney.

    If you or a family member has been injured in an accident caused by a dangerous and hazardous condition on another’s property contact a Talladega personal injury lawyer today.

    Premises Liability Cases

    Premises liability is the based on the theory that the owner of a piece of property such as a business, store, or even a private home has some duty to protect others from being harmed on their property. However, as will be explained later, this “duty” depends on several factors.

    As explained in the case Armstrong v. Georgia Marble Co., 575 So. 2d 1051 (Ala. 1991), in the context of a premises liability case, the owner of a premises, “owes a duty to business invitees to use reasonable care and diligence to keep the premises in a safe condition, or, if the premises are in a dangerous condition, to give sufficient warning so that, by the use of ordinary care, the danger may be avoided.”

    Premises liability cases revolve around the traditional common law theory of negligence, and a person who has been injured on another person’s property can discuss with a Talladega premises liability lawyer whether their case meets all of the following necessary elements:

    • Duty
    • Breach of Duty
    • Cause in Fact
    • Proximate Cause
    • Damages

    In order for an injured person to recover under a premises liability cause of action in Talladega, they will need to prove each of these elements. A Talladega premises liability lawyer can help a victim understand these elements and can help determine if a property owner can be held responsible for a person’s injuries.

    Damages in a Premises Liability Case

    A very important element of a premises liability case in Talladega, is that a person has suffered some form of injury, or in other words, that they have incurred damages. When a person is injured on another’s property a Talladega premises liability lawyer can help them recover both economic and non-economic damages for their injuries.

    Economic damages are the type that can easily be calculated and can include:

    • Medical bills and expenses
    • Lost time from work
    • Property damage

    Non-economic damages can be harder to determine because it is not always clear what this amount is. However, working closely with a dedicated and aggressive Talladega premises liability lawyer a person who has been injured on another’s property may be entitled to recover compensation for:

    • Pain and suffering
    • Inconvenience
    • Physical impairment
    • Disfigurement

    Because of the serious impact a premises liability case can have on a business and a person, many business owners and their insurance companies will aggressively pursue a person after an accident in an effort to have them accept a low-ball settlement.

    However, those who have been injured because of a hazardous condition on a person’s property should be aware that they are entitled to full compensation for all their injuries, and a dedicated and experienced Talladega premises liability lawyer can help ensure that those who are injured receive fair and just compensation.

    Contact a Talladega Premises Liability Attorney Today

    If you or someone you know has suffered an injury on another person’s property because of a known dangerous condition, one of the best ways to ensure your rights are protected is to call a Talladega premises liability lawyer who has the experience to negotiate with insurance companies and to represent you in court.