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    Talladega Mass Torts Lawyer

    A tort is the legal term used when a person has wronged another person through an act of negligence. Torts have remedies in civil court, rather than criminal court. Mass torts are similar to general torts, except that they involve many people suffering the same injury from a single source of negligence, rather than a sole injury to one person.

    Mass torts can be complicated due to their size and the number of people who may be involved. For help with starting, joining, or managing a mass torts case, seek out the assistance of a Talladega mass torts lawyer. A capable personal injury attorney could advocate for you.

    Filing a Mass Tort Lawsuit in Talladega

    The statute of limitations for mass torts is two years, so it is often important to seek out a lawyer as soon as possible. A mass torts lawyer in Talladega could seek consent from the court to file a mass tort action on behalf of a single client or multiple ones simultaneously. Either way, this is the first step in beginning a mass tort.

    The court will examine a few different factors in determining if they will grant permission, such as the number of plaintiffs involved and how close they are to each other, the similarities and differences between their injuries, and whether they all have a common cause at the center of their claims. If permission is granted by the court, notification of the suit will be publicly announced and anyone else harmed, in the same way, will have an opportunity to join the mass tort.

    What is the Difference Between a Mass Tort and a Class Action Suit?

    Both mass torts and class action lawsuits involve large numbers of people injured by the same cause, but the key difference between them is how the people included in the case are viewed by the court.

    In a class action suit, everyone included in the suit is treated collectively as a single plaintiff with a single case. Accordingly, the case is given only one trial. Each plaintiff in a mass torts lawsuit, on the other hand, has their own individual claim, meaning the case involves multiple trials for multiple individual cases collected under one banner.

    Typical Sources of Mass Torts

    A majority of mass torts comes from defective or dangerous products of some kind. When companies make products that the public purchases, production is not always up to standard, which sometimes results in defects that pose risks to consumers.

    Other times, a product is not defective due to a manufacturing error, but instead is dangerous by design. Often, these products are not obviously dangerous, and the company itself may not even realize the danger until after their product is sold to the public. In other cases, the public does not realize the inherent danger due to marketing, as was the case in many of the infamous recent lawsuits against tobacco companies.

    Medical products are very common sources of mass torts. These include both prescription and non-prescription drugs, or devices used in medical procedures. Defects or misuse of these types of medical products often result in severe or deadly injuries, and sometimes even death. A Talladega mass torts lawyer could help an individual hold the responsible company accountable.

    Consulting a Talladega Mass Torts Attorney

    Generally, mass tort suits lead to efficient trials. Most of the time, the attorney or attorneys involved in a mass tort actually collaborate to share resources. As a result, many aspects of pre-trial preparation, discovery, investigations, and more can be transferred from one plaintiff to the next plaintiff. This helps ensure the maximum recovery possible for the plaintiffs.

    If you suffered injury from a product, good, or medicine, and you believe your injury is one that many people have also sustained in the same way, then an experienced Talladega mass torts lawyer may be able to help you. Call today to schedule a meeting and explore what your options may be.