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    Talladega Fair Labor Standards Act Lawyer

    You spend most of your waking hours on the clock – the fact is, work is like a second home for most of us. When we have employers who value our time and treat us fairly, this arrangement is fair.

    But when managers and supervisors mistreat, underpay or otherwise treat employees unfairly, the workplace can feel oppressive.

    In return for a hard day of work, employees deserve a fair wage. Too often, though, employers take advantage of workers through sexual harassment, wage theft, and discrimination.

    Do not shoulder this burden alone. A Talladega Fair Labor Standards Act lawyer can help employees who feel they have been taken advantage of by their employer. Our experienced Talladega attorneys are familiar with state and federal employment laws and can get you the compensation you need.

    Protecting the Rights of Talladega Employees

    Too often, the rights of employees are ignored or disregarded by those in charge. Our Talladega fair labor standards act attorneys are familiar with many types of employment law cases, which can include:

    • Wage disputes. When an employer fails to pay their employee what they deserve, they violate the Fair Labor Standards Act. It requires employers to pay workers for all labor performed, as well as overtime pay for labor exceeding 40 hours a week.
    • The Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects workers from being discriminated against by their employer based on their race, sex, age, nationality, pregnancy or other identifying categories.
    • Disabled workers are protected from discrimination by the Americans with Disabilities Act.
    • Wrongful termination. When a worker is fired for questionable reasons, the employer may be in violation of the Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989.
    • Sexual harassment. Employers who create hostile work environments through sexual jokes, innuendo, unwanted touching and over-attention to worker appearance can be found in violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

    Wage and Hour Issues in Talladega Employment Cases

    Policies and procedures help protect workers from being taken advantage of by their employers. When those policies aren’t clear, though, they can be twisted and used to exploit employees. Conflicts regarding tipping, overtime and portal-to-portal issues can arise.

    One common violation is requiring employees to complete tasks before and after they clock in for their shift. Working through lunch is also a violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act. All employees deserve to be paid a fair wage for their time and labor.

    Another common violation is when employers require workers to answer email and phone calls while off duty. Though there are some exceptions to the rule, on call employees should be paid while they are responsible for duties.

    Workers who are misclassified as full time or as independent contractors can also be considered a violation. Some employers try to skirt the overtime laws by promoting workers to full-time status and then requiring many more hours beyond the 40 typically required.

    Consult a Talladega Fair Labor Standards Act Attorney Today

    Labor laws exist in our country for a reason: to protect workers from pushy employers. Too often, those laws are flouted by careless companies ready to trade on the good nature of their workers.

    If you find you’re in the middle of a wage dispute, contact our team to take action now. Our Talladega Fair Labor Standards Act attorneys can build a strong case on your behalf.