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    Talladega Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

    According to the Food and Drug Administration, three billion prescriptions are written every year. Many of these drugs are necessary and help deal with infectious and chronic diseases, ease symptoms, or facilitate medical procedures. However, a percentage of them may also cause grave consequences for patients. If you suffered harm from a prescription or over-the-counter medication, a Talladega dangerous drugs lawyer could help you take stock of your legal options and pursue compensation for your losses. Contact a seasoned attorney today to schedule a consultation.

    Lawsuits Against Drug Manufacturers

    While some people may believe that drug companies are untouchable, the truth is they can be held accountable for allowing dangerous drugs to reach the market. If a patient suffers harm from prescription drugs, a dangerous drugs lawyer in Talladega could file a lawsuit to recover for the injuries. The injuries could be minor or even catastrophic.

    Strict liability law allows for obligatory responsibility if a patient has an adverse reaction from taking prescription drugs. Under strict liability, there is no need for the patient to show negligence on the part of a drug’s manufacturer, as long as the harm they suffered stemmed from normal or expected use of the drug in question.

    Negligence by a drug manufacturer can manifest in a few different ways. A defect may occur during the manufacturing or testing stages, or the manufacturer may fail to appropriately warn patients of potentially dangerous side effects. Also, the manufacturer may leave off information necessary for a patient to make an informed decision about whether they should take the drug or not. Any of these acts can constitute negligence by a drug manufacturer under strict liability law.

    Drug Regulation in Talladega

    Regulation of drugs in the United States requires that all drugs undergo testing that begins in the laboratory and includes focus group testing on humans before they can be certified by the FDA. This process should protect patients and consumers from the adverse effects of prescription drugs, but issues within the actual regulation process itself create opportunities for harmful drugs to slip through the cracks.

    Just like all other government regulatory systems, there are gaps and loopholes in the FDA approval process that companies can exploit. The 501K process is one of these gaps, as it allows drug manufacturers to fast-track both drugs and medical devices if there is another version of that product on the market, thereby mostly skipping an approval process that usually takes years.

    Furthermore, after a drug is tested and approved, drug companies do not have to continue to monitor that drug for side effects and dangers that the initial review process did not catch. This means that drug companies are not required to submit information on long-term risks—also known as latent side effects—that may be discovered after the fact.

    Talk to a Talladega Dangerous Drugs Attorney Today

    If you are facing unlisted or dangerous side effects after taking a drug as it was prescribed to you, you may be eligible for compensation from the manufacturer and/or seller of that drug. An experienced Talladega dangerous drugs lawyer could guide you through continued medical care, work to favorably present your case before a judge and jury, and stand by your side during every step of the lengthy litigation process. Call today to get started on your case.