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    Talladega Bicycle Accident Lawyer

    Bicycles are one of the most cost-effective and healthy ways to travel. Whether you like to ride your bike for exercise or leisure, or whether you use your bike to get to and from work, the fact is that more and more people have been using their bikes as a regular part of their life.

    In addition, there are numerous biking trails in and around Talladega that are frequently used and offer spectacular views and offer riders a chance to explore Talladega.

    If you have been injured in a bicycle accident while riding in Talladega, then contact a Talladega bicycle accident lawyer today. Our team of compassionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated accident lawyers will help hold motorists responsible for your injuries and can help you obtain financial compensation for all your injuries.

    Causes of Bicycle Accidents in Talladega

    Riding a bicycle in Talladega can be a great experience, however, because of the growing size and number of people who drive through the downtown area, bicycle accidents have been on the rise in the last several years.

    There are numerous reasons a bicycle rider may be injured and want to contact a Talladega bicycle accident lawyer including:

    • Drivers and other motorists not sharing the road
    • Distracted drivers
    • Drivers ignoring traffic signals
    • Drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs

    One of the biggest causes of accidents between bicycle riders and cars is that a driver simply does not see a person on their bicycle. This may be because a driver is distracted by using a cellphone, or they ignore a traffic signal and make a turn into a bicycle rider.

    There are numerous types of bicycle accidents a Talladega Bicycle accident lawyer can help with including:

    • Hit and run
    • Motor vehicle
    • Road debris
    • Street defect
    • Accidents between bicycles
    • Car door bicycle accidents
    • Sideswipe accidents

    Studies by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, along with other agencies have shown that negligent motorists cause a large majority of bicycle accidents. This means that a negligent motorist will have to compensate an injured bicycle rider following an accident.

    Compensation for Bicycle Accidents

    Studies by the Alabama Department of Transportation have shown that bicycle accidents involving motor vehicles have been on a slight decline, however, as more and more people take to the roads on their bicycles, it is likely that these numbers will rise.

    While any accident involving a car can be devastating and cause serious injuries, when an accident occurs between a car or other motor vehicle and a bicycle, it is more likely that the bicycle rider will suffer severe injuries.

    Fortunately, bicycle riders in Talladega can recover financial compensation for their injuries and they can work with a Talladega bicycle accident lawyer to help recover any of the following:

    • Property damage for their bicycle
    • Medical expenses for their immediate injury
    • Future medical expenses for follow-up treatment and care
    • Costs for physical therapy
    • Pain and suffering
    • Wrongful death

    A Talladega bicycle accident lawyer and work with a bicycle rider to investigate the scene, determine if a driver was liable for an accident, determine the costs and expenses associated with a bicycle accident, and can work with insurance companies to help recover maximum compensation following a bicycle accident.

    Talk to a Talladega Bicycle Accident Attorney Today

    If you have been injured in a bicycle accident in Talladega, then contact one of our experienced and dedicated bicycle accident lawyers today. Our Talladega bicycle accident lawyers are committed to helping injured bicycle riders recover for their injuries by aggressively pursuing financial settlements.