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    Douglasville Wrongful Death Lawyer

    The impact felt by the loss of a loved one can be long-lasting and, at times, overwhelming. Losing a loved one due to the negligence of someone else can make the grieving process even more difficult. However, when a loved one’s death is a result of another’s negligence, a sympathetic Douglasville wrongful death lawyer can play a significant role in helping you find solace following your loss.

    Aside from the large emotional void left behind by the loss of a loved one, there may also be an emotional one. If you are the spouse, child, or parent of someone whose death would have been avoidable if not for the negligent or deliberate actions of another, a dedicated personal injury attorney can be the ally you need.

    What Qualifies as a Wrongful Death?

    Wrongful death is a broad term that refers to almost any death that is the result of either negligent or intentional behavior. Some of the most common wrongful deaths are:

    • Automobile accidents
    • Workplace accidents
    • Pedestrian accidents
    • Plane and other aviation accidents
    • Product liability
    • Medical malpractice
    • Semi-truck/commercial truck accidents
    • Faulty roadways

    When a loved one passes due to another’s negligence there may be potential for a wrongful death lawsuit. The strong advocacy of a meticulous Douglasville wrongful death attorney can help affected family members navigate the difficult aftermath their tragic loss.

    Damages Estates in Douglasville Can Collect

    Often, those who die in a wrongful death leave behind great financial losses. In Douglasville, those bringing a wrongful death lawsuit may seek and be awarded damages for medical bills incurred, funeral expenses, and other economic damages such as loss of income, compensation for the deceased’s pre-death pain and suffering, and the overall emotional and mental pain and suffering of the family.

    Determining the extent of a family’s damages is rarely a simple task. An experienced Douglasville wrongful death lawyer could sit with the grieving and fully determine what a deceased estate’s damage claims may be worth.

    Proving Negligence Contributed to a Death

    To prove a party is liable for a death, the claimant must establish that the other party owed the deceased a reasonable level of care. Whether a doctor owes a patient a duty to treat them with a medical standard of care or a driver on the roadway owes other drivers the duty to not drive recklessly, an attorney can successfully articulate and establish that there was a duty.

    Then, they must establish that this duty was breached by the other party and that this breach resulted in the wrongful death of the loved one. These steps may sound simple, but they are not always as clear-cut as they may seem. A resourceful Douglasville wrongful death lawyer could attemot to prove the elements required for a successful wrongful death lawsuit.

    Contacting a Douglasville Wrongful Death Attorney

    The very first step towards pursuing a successful wrongful death lawsuit is to determine whether a wrongful death claim is legitimately viable. Sometimes, shocking and unexpected deaths cannot be attributed to another party’s negligent or intentional actions. However, an attorney can help evaluate the case and determine whether negligence was a factor.

    If your parent, spouse, or child recently died and you believe their death was the result of another party’s negligent or intentional actions, an ever-vigilant Douglasville wrongful death lawyer can help recover proper financial compensation. To learn more, speak with an attorney.