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    Douglasville Slip and Fall Lawyer

    Often, nothing other than temporary embarrassment or a minor scrape results from slip and falls. However, when an individual slips and falls on public property and sustains a more severe injury that causes unforeseen financial and medical expenses, legal recourse may be the best way to seek justice.

    Property owners in Georgia are legally accountable for keeping their properties safe and free from injury-causing hazards. When someone neglects this duty, they may be liable for any damages incurred by the afflicted party.

    If you or a family member is injured in a slip and fall and the owner of the property was negligent in their duty to prevent the conditions that lead to your injury, get in contact with a practiced personal injury attorney. A resourceful Douglasville slip and fall lawyer can be a valuable advocate in the pursuit of fair compensatory damages.

    Elements of a Successful Lawsuit

    In Georgia, there are two basic elements that must be present for a slip and fall lawsuit to prove successful. They are that the owner of the property had prior knowledge of a potentially dangerous condition, and/or that the condition should have been previously known by a reasonable person and that the injured person was unaware of the dangerous condition.

    Georgia is classified as a comparative negligence state. This means that the awards the injured party can receive may be reduced depending on their level of contribution to their own injury. However, if an injured party is 50 percent or more responsible for their injury, they may be barred from receiving any of the compensation they would normally be entitled to.

    There are other factors to consider when determining the validity of a successful slip and fall case including, but not limited to:

    • The length of time the unsafe condition was present and whether the property owner had sufficient time to fix or repair the unsafe condition before the injury-causing incident occurred
    • Whether the steps taken by the property owner to fix the dangerous or unsafe conditions were reasonable
    • How much the injured party’s carelessness contributed to their injury

    A tenacious Douglasville slip and fall lawyer can successfully demonstrate the required elements for a successful slip and fall lawsuit.

    Common Hazards that Cause Injuries

    Slip and fall injuries can occur as a result of a wide variety of causes. Some slip and falls have been caused by:

    • Loose or rotted floorboards
    • Hazardous and defective sidewalks
    • Potholes in parking lots
    • Broken staircases
    • Wet floors
    • Ripped carpeting

    Parties injured as the result of any of the aforementioned scenarios, or as a result of other hazardous conditions, may benefit from the skilled advocacy of a Douglasville slip and fall lawyer.

    Speaking with a Passionate Douglasville Slip and Fall Attorney

    A dedicated attorney can help you recover for medical, therapeutic, and income-related costs. They can also work with you to seek compensation for noneconomic losses such as mental anguish and pain and suffering.

    If you or a loved one is injured in a slip and fall, the legal expertise of a Douglasville slip and fall lawyer may be the essential element in a satisfactory remedy. To start exploring your options for personal and financial recovery, contact an attorney to schedule an initial consultation today.