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    Douglasville Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

    As older individuals age, their families often attempt to provide them with the medical care and emotional support they need. Unfortunately, it can be hard to provide around-the-clock medical care at home, and many families are forced to place their older loved ones in nursing homes.

    These homes are supposed to protect and care for their patients and provide them with an environment that helps them thrive, but many fail to do any of these things.

    If a family member suspects their loved one is being abused in a nursing home, they should call a Douglasville nursing home abuse lawyer immediately. A compassionate and capable personal injury attorney can fight for a positive outcome for you and your loved one.

    Providing a Safe and Secure Environment for Patients

    Nursing homes are responsible for providing care to numerous elderly and sick individuals on a regular basis. They are also responsible for hiring workers who are qualified to do their jobs and interested in providing a safe and secure environment for patients to recuperate in.

    Unfortunately, in an effort to cut costs and avoid government regulations, many nursing homes fail to provide this environment, preferring to hire workers who do not care for the patients at all. Many nursing homes also neglect their patients, and some refuse to hire a sufficient number of employees to care for patients.

    If a nursing home fails to provide care to a patient, and the patient dies or sustains an injury on their watch, the family of the patient should contact a nursing home abuse attorney.

    Common Signs of Abuse and Neglect

    Nursing home abuse is more widespread than many people think, but unfortunately, the victims of this abuse are often too frightened to talk about their experiences.

    When a staff member or patient abuse a victim, they often use intimidation and emotional manipulation to prevent the victim from reporting them. The families of patients should contact a Douglasville nursing home abuse lawyer if they notice the following signs and symptoms of abuse:

    • Bed sores
    • Unsanitary living conditions
    • Bruises, cuts, or broken bones
    • Dehydration or malnutrition
    • Improper medication dosages
    • Solemn or withdrawn behavior

    No one should be subjected to such abuse, especially when they are unable to properly care for themselves. Nursing home abuse is rarely discussed, and each year countless patients are hurt and intimidated by the individuals they trust to care for them.

    Psychological and Financial Abuse

    Physical abuse is a serious problem in nursing homes, but emotional and psychological abuse is a prevent issue as well. Senior citizens and ill individuals often feel frightened and alone, and these feelings of isolation make them prime targets for abusive individuals.

    Abusive individuals often manipulate patients into giving them their hard-earned money, credit cards, and personal belongings, and this type of financial abuse can be hard to track.

    Nursing home care is exceptionally expensive, and when patients give their money to manipulative individuals, they can lose the money they have saved to pay their bills. If a person suspects their loved one is being financially exploited, they may want to hire a Douglasville nursing home abuse attorney.

    Contacting a Douglasville Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

    Nursing home abuse is a major problem these days, and if the families of victims fail to intervene on their behalf, their abuse will usually just continue. Senior citizens should never be subjected to such abuse, and their loved ones will need to hire legal representation if they suspect abuse.

    Get in touch with a Douglasville nursing home abuse lawyer today for additional information.