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    Douglasville Bus Accident Lawyer

    Were you injured in an accident involving a bus? Bus wrecks can happen if a driver is speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, becomes distracted, or fails to see a smaller vehicle in its path, is inexperienced in poor weather conditions, or is driving on an unfamiliar road.

    Regardless of how the bus accident happened, if you were injured by someone else’s actions, you have a right to be compensated for your injuries, financial losses, and more. If you are the victim of a bus accident, a knowledgeable Douglasville bus accident lawyer could help ensure your rights and explain your legal options. Work with an experienced personal injury attorney that could make sure all filing deadlines are met, and represent you in your pursuit of compensation for your damages.

    Different Buses That Can Be Involved in Accidents

    Bus accidents can involve any kind of bus, including daycare transports, school buses, MARTA buses, adult care buses, tour and coach buses, charter buses, public buses, and senior care and handicap transports. As such, bus accident cases typically require an experienced legal team who knows state and local traffic laws, state regulations on bus operations, and the rules and regulations that govern buses owned and operated by government organizations.

    Most buses typically do not have seat belts, air bags, or other basic safety equipment found in most other motor vehicles, which places passengers at risk. On top of that, a bus requires more time to stop than a car or truck, and because buses are much larger and heavier, pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, and occupants of passenger cars may incur catastrophic injuries simply because of the force of the impact into them and/or their vehicle.

    Local Bus Accident Laws

    In Georgia, buses are classified as “common carriers,” which imposes a special heightened duty of care on public and commercial agencies that own and operate bus lines. Common carriers are expected to be vigilant in the operation, inspection, and maintenance of their buses. Furthermore, they are obligated to fully train and supervise bus drivers and maintain buses in safe operating conditions.

    Bus drivers must comply with traffic and safety laws and regulations, including special regulations relating to common carriers. Any fault on the part of the driver of a bus or the busing company may be a basis for liability if a passenger is injured, even if the injury was partly caused by another party. A Douglasville bus accident lawyer could attempt to establish fault in a person’s case.

    Obstacles to Bus Accident Claims

    Private companies and government entities that operate bus lines usually have more financial resources available to pay for lawyers than ordinary motor vehicle drivers. As a result, they often initiate investigations of accidents and start planning their trial defense strategy while victims are still recovering from their injuries.

    Also, numerous government agencies are protected by “sovereign immunity,” which limits the extent to which you can sue them. Even though Georgia has enacted laws that waive or refine sovereign immunity under certain circumstances to allow claims for injuries, there are still strict procedures and specific time limits that apply.

    Plaintiffs injured in bus accidents must file their claim within the required period of time, or their right to recover may be permanently lost. When a government agency is involved, the time limit can be shortened to as little as six months. Therefore, it is extremely important to consult with an experienced Douglasville bus accident lawyer in as soon as possible to ensure all legal deadlines are met and all required actions are performed in a timely manner.

    Getting Assistance from a Douglasville Bus Accident Attorney

    If you or a family member suffered serious injury in a bus accident in Georgia, a dedicated Douglasville bus accident lawyer could support you through the legal process, ensure all deadlines are met, explain all processes and options, and investigate the cause of your accident. Our goal is to fight for you and to seek compensation for your pain, suffering, medical bills, long-term care, and other financial losses, so you can concentrate on healing and getting back to your life. Call today to schedule an initial consultation.