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    Douglasville Defective Products Lawyer

    Defective products cause injuries and claim the lives of people every day—and unfortunately, most of these injuries or deaths could have been prevented. If you or a loved one were injured due to a defective product, your best course of action may be to talk with an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss your legal options.

    A knowledgeable Douglasville defective products lawyer could review your case to determine negligence and liability and deal with aggressive insurance companies, who may try to lower or deny your claim. A knowledgeable attorney can make sure your rights are upheld and can fight for your right to receive maximize compensation.

    Filing a Claim

    The State of Georgia has a discovery rule that stipulates the standard reporting time for a claim. This time period begins when a plaintiff becomes aware a defective product has harmed them in some way. Georgia’s statute of repose prevents a person from filing for compensation for any injury or property damages after 10 years.

    Douglasville courts have a rule which states that a person cannot file a product liability lawsuit if the only damage was to the product and not to a person or property. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, which a knowledgeable Douglasville defective products lawyer could explain.

    Comparative Negligence

    Georgia’s modified comparative negligence rule limits damages in product liability if a plaintiff is at fault. For example, of a plaintiff is responsible for causing 50 percent or more of their injuries or property damage, they cannot seek compensation. If they are responsible for less than 50 percent, a Douglasville defective products lawyer could help them damages. However, the amount awarded would be reduced by the degree to which they were found to be at fault.

    Strict Liability and Negligence Law

    In Georgia, product liability claims are founded on strict liability or negligence. Strict liability means the injured party does not have to prove that the defendant was liable. However, they do have to be able to prove that:

    • The accused party manufactured the product
    • The product was defective after leaving the manufacturer
    • The product’s defective condition directly caused the injury

    Product liability and negligence lawsuits can be complicated, requiring in-depth investigations, research, on-going negotiations with insurance companies, and strong litigation skills. Having a defective products lawyer help an individual navigate the nuances and complexities of these types of cases. Qualified attorneys may have experience in dealing with the legal and structural processes of product liability cases.

    Contacting a Defective Products Attorney

    If you live in Douglasville, Georgia and were injured or incurred property damages due to a defective product, you have options available to you. You could file a lawsuit and possibly hold the manufacturer of the product, the wholesaler, and even the retailer that sold you the product accountable. After suffering damages caused by a faulty consumer product, you have the right to be fairly compensated for your losses. We are here to fight for you. Call a Douglasville defective products lawyer today for more information.