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    Douglasville Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

    Injuries at the workplace can occur at any time and without warning. And, while Georgia’s workers’ compensation laws are a bit more limiting than workers’ compensation laws in other states, employees can recover compensation for lost wages and medical expenses incurred due to work-related injuries.

    Injuries in the workplace can be physically and financially debilitating in both the long and short terms. The advocacy and insight of a determined personal injury attorney may prove to be invaluable. Contacting an experienced Douglasville workers’ compensation lawyer who knows the tactics insurance companies and employers use to lessen or dispute claims, may be the difference between sufficient and insufficient compensation.

    Workers’ Compensation in Douglasville

    In Douglasville, an injured employee is not permitted to sue their employer for compensatory damages. Instead, workers’ compensation is designed to compensate an injured employee until they are ready to get back to their job or to get a different job. Employers with three or more must enroll in this accident insurance program that covers medical and therapeutic costs, as well as loss of income, should an employee be injured within the scope of their employment.

    Also, there are almost no workers’ compensation benefits for costs incurred from psychiatric/psychological diseases or heart conditions unless they directly occur as a result of a separate occupational disease. For example, if an employee contracts mesothelioma while working for a company with asbestos in its pipes, and the mesothelioma leads to heart conditions they may be able to collect workers’ compensation.

    When injured in the scope of employment, an employee is entitled to three categories of benefits:

    • Wage benefits: computed using an employee’s average weekly salary for the preceding 13 weeks leading up to the injury
    • Medical benefits: includes prescription costs, doctor visits, and transportation costs to and from doctors’ visits and medical treatments
    • Permanent Partial Disability (PPD): paid to those who, even after returning to employment, will need compensation due to ongoing disability

    There is much to process in the aftermath of a workplace-related injury. A Douglasville workers’ compensation lawyer can be a useful resource for injured employees.

    Causes and Injuries Insured

    Workplace injuries that may be covered by workers’ compensation benefits in Douglasville may result from one or more of the following:

    • Explosions and fires
    • Construction accidents
    • Malfunctioning machinery
    • Slip and falls
    • Chemical exposure
    • Mold exposure
    • Asbestos exposure
    • Auto accidents occurring within the scope of an employee’s job

    For help with filing an injury claim, reach out to a dedicated Douglasville workers’ compensation lawyer today.

    How a Douglasville Workers’ Compensation Attorney Can Help

    Though the Georgia workers’ compensation laws are designed to protect both employers and employees, sometimes employers or insurance companies that pay benefits to the injured contest the legitimacy, or extent, of an employee’s workers’ compensation claims.

    If an employer or insurance company attempts to deny, or successfully denies, paying your expenses, the guidance of a thorough Douglasville workers compensation attorney can be crucial. Especially in the event of an actual denial of benefits, the advocacy of a workers’ compensation attorney may be invaluable.

    If you or someone close to you was injured at work, a Douglasville workers’ compensation lawyer can be an integral resource for a successful recovery. To determine your options, call to schedule an initial consultation.