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    Zantac Lawyer

    For years, the popular antacid known as ranitidine was marketed to American consumers under the name Zantac. Millions of doses of this antacid were purchased over the counter across the county thanks to large, aggressive ad campaigns. Unfortunately, research now shows Zantac could represent a significant health threat to the public.

    According to research, Zantac may contain a dangerous carcinogen. If you have gotten sick after consuming Zantac or any version of ranitidine, a skilled mass torts attorney might be able to help. Large-scale lawsuits related to these injuries could represent your best chance of recovering compensation for any harm Zantac has caused you. Let a Zantac lawyer review your medical records so you could initiate a claim as soon as possible.

    Harmful Carcinogens with Zantac

    Researchers studying Zantac have discovered it contains high levels of a chemical known as N-Nitrosodimethlyamine (NDMA). NDMA is believed to be a potential cause of cancer. This harsh chemical is used in a variety of other products, including pesticides. While research continues, there are a number of warning signs that NMDA could lead to certain forms of cancer. The makers of Zantac face allegations that they were aware of the dangerous nature of NDMA but failed to take any action to protect the public.

    On April 1, 2020, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced a formal request that makers of prescription and over-the-counter ranitidine drugs remove them from the market right away. This action was based on the findings of high levels of NDMA in these products. Additionally, the announcement from the FDA claimed that NDMA levels could grow substantially in ranitidine products that were stored in conditions above room temperate. A Zantac attorney could further describe the risks associated with ranitidine to a claimant.

    Potential Compensation Available

    The potential compensation that comes with a successful Zantac injury claim will depend on the type of legal action a person pursues. An attorney could file a Zantac lawsuit directly against the manufacturers of the drug, or an injured person could join in with an existing class action lawsuit.

    There are benefits and drawbacks to both types of cases. While class actions are often cheaper and easier to manage, an individual plaintiff has little control over the direction of the claim. Direct lawsuits, on the other hand, give plaintiffs leeway in how they proceed with a case, and they can often result in higher compensation.

    The compensation that a plaintiff could win from a direct lawsuit against the manufacturer of Zantac is similar to that of any other personal injury claim. A Zantac injury lawyer must demonstrate that the plaintiff suffered measurable damages.

    Medical expenses are the most common type of measurable damages in Zantac claims. Treating cancer is a long and costly process, and a successful lawsuit could recoup those costs. This includes expenses related to hospitalization, diagnosis, surgery, or medication. Other forms of compensation that could result from a Zantac lawsuit include:

    • Pain and suffering
    • Lost wages
    • Diminished earning power
    • Future medical bills
    • Disability

    Reach Out to a Zantac Attorney for More Information

    If you are living with the consequences of taking the dangerous drug Zantac, you are entitled to pursue monetary compensation. This process may seem complex and intimidating, but a successful claim could provide the relief that you need.

    An experienced Zantac lawyer could help evaluate your claim and determine the best course of action for your situation. With their help, you could aggressively pursue compensation from the makers of Zantac. Call right away to schedule your initial consultation.