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    Firestone Defective Tire Lawyer

    Defective tires can result in devastating motor vehicle injuries. Few tire manufacturers have faced as many allegations of dangerous defects as Firestone Tire and Rubber Company. Firestone and vehicle manufacturer Ford Motor Company have faced numerous lawsuits related to millions of defective tires since 2000.

    If you suffered injuries in a car accident due to defective tires, you have the right to seek compensation. Unlike standard injury claims, you could be entitled to compensation from the tire or vehicle manufacturer directly. A seasoned mass torts attorney could advise you on your right to file suit against either of these companies. With the guidance of a Firestone defective tire lawyer, you could acquire the financial compensation that you need.

    Firestone and Ford Lawsuits

    As early as 1996, reports of serious accidents among Ford vehicles using Firestone tires began to surface. A report from the New York Times showed that internal documents within Ford and Firestone reflected a prior awareness of these defects. Despite these early warning signs, defective Firestone tires resulted in 271 fatalities and more than 800 serious injuries in the years that followed. This devastation resulted in a massive recall from both Firestone and Ford. In the end, more than 23 million tires were recalled. This recall set into motion countless injury lawsuits and wrongful death claims. Ford settled as many as 1,500 personal injury and class action lawsuits related to these defects.

    Despite the recall, millions of these tires remained on the road. This caused accidents to continue long after the recall was initiated. Each of these accidents involved the same issues surrounding the tires. In every accident, the tread from the tire peeled away, causing the vehicle to lose traction and crash. Heat and tire age played a part in causing these accidents, but the defects also varied depending on the facility where the tire originated. Most of these accidents resulted in attorneys filing defective tire lawsuits against Firestone and Ford.

    Common Tire Defects

    The 2000 recall was not the only instance where defective Firestone tires have resulted in devastating accidents. In fact, Firestone continues to face responsibility for collisions caused by their faulty products. These defects occur for a number of reasons. While some involve tread peeling away from the tire as with the 2000 recall, there are many other issues that have caused accidents with these tires over the years.

    One common defect involves the use of substandard or aging adhesives during the manufacturing process. As tires age, the adhesives that hold them together can loosen up. When the wrong adhesive is used, tires can break apart while in motion and cause a crash. Other tires are dangerous due to poor design. Whether it is a tire design that cannot withstand heat or is prone to lose tread, defective designs can result in serious accidents.

    Other defects occur during manufacturing. For example, the rubber used for each tire must be cooked at a specific temperature. If the temperature is too high or too low, it can result in a dangerous and unstable tire. An experienced Firestone dangerous tire attorney could pursue legal action based on any of these defects.

    Contact a Firestone Defective Tire Attorney Today

    If you suffered bodily injuries in an automobile crash due to defective Firestone tires, you are entitled to seek financial compensation. Depending on the severity of your injuries, this compensation could be significant.

    A Firestone defective tire lawyer could review your case and determine if you have a strong claim for compensation. Call right away to schedule a confidential case evaluation.