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    Truvada Lawyer

    Many people use the drug Truvada to treat HIV but there have been numerous instances of users developing serious side effects. Despite marketing this drug as potentially life-saving for individuals living with HIV, Truvada has taken a toll on the health of a number of patients who use it.

    If you are living with the consequences of Truvada’s side effects, you deserve a skilled mass torts attorney who could aggressively advocate for you. Legal action that targets the makers of Truvada could yield compensation for your health issues and cover the cost of any necessary treatment. A Truvada lawyer could serve as your advocate and assist in your pursuit of justice.

    How Truvada Slows the Spread of HIV

    The purpose of Truvada is to prevent HIV-infected cells from replicating within the human body. This drug can not only slow or halt the spread of the disease among patients who have it, but it can also have a prophylactic effect that prevents individuals from ever contracting the virus in the first place.

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    Truvada is made up of two main components: Emtricitabine (FTC) and Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate (TDF). Together, FTC and TDF work to inhibit the enzyme HIV-infected cells use to replicate. By inhibiting this enzyme, Truvada can slow the spread of HIV to a crawl. In some instances, it can prevent the spread of HIV entirely. This is especially true when Truvada is combined with other HIV medications.

    Dangerous Truvada Side Effects

    Despite the benefits of the drug, Truvada has also shown a concerning number of serious and unexpected drawbacks. These side effects can cause harm to many different parts of the body, but the kidneys are especially impacted. Truvada has been linked to acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease in many cases. Additionally, Truvada patients have been found to be prone to renal failure, renal impairment, and end-stage renal disease.

    The kidneys are not the only part of the body that can be devastated by Truvada. It has also been linked to diminished bone density, which can increase the likelihood of breaks or fractures. Some patients have also reported losing teeth after taking Truvada. An attorney could assist a person injured by Truvada pursue financial compensation for any of these serious conditions.

    Establishing Liability for Medical Injuries

    One of the key factors in a civil case is who is deemed liable for the losses. There are two different legal theories a lawyer could rely on when pursuing a claim against Truvada. These theories of liability are known as strict liability and negligence.

    Strict Liability

    Strict liability claims are common with defective drugs. Under this legal theory, a plaintiff must show the manufacturer of Truvada made the drug in a way that was unreasonably dangerous. However, compensation could be available even without the plaintiff showing the manufacturer acted negligently.


    Most personal injury cases hinge on a negligence theory. To establish this claim, a plaintiff must show that the makers of Truvada failed to take reasonable care in designing and manufacturing the drug. By showing that this lack of care resulted in their injury, a plaintiff could be entitled to compensation.

    Seek Financial Relief with a Truvada Attorney

    For many Truvada users, the optimism of a potential HIV treatment quickly gave way to a series of new, challenging health consequences. If you suffered medical injuries while taking Truvada, you could have a viable claim against the maker of the drug.

    You do not have to pursue a lawsuit by yourself. Contact a Truvada lawyer right away to set up an initial consultation.