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    Round Up Lawyer

    Recent studies indicate that the primary ingredient in Monsanto’s Round Up causes an increased risk of cancer. Both scientists and courts have made the connection between Round Up and increased diagnoses of non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

    In many cases, juries have ordered Monsanto to pay millions of dollars to plaintiffs who were able to demonstrate the connection between their use of Round Up and their cancer. You may have a similar claim if you received a cancer diagnosis after using Round Up.

    In fact, this connection is so prevalent that dozens or perhaps even hundreds of people may share a similar experience. When this is the case, you may be eligible to participate in a mass tort created by similar victims of Monsanto’s negligence. A Round Up lawyer could help determine if you qualify to join a mass tort and work with you to pursue your claims for damages.

    What Makes Round Up So Dangerous?

    Round Up is an herbicide designed and produced by Monsanto. In 1974, Monsanto released this product into the market as a purported safe alternative to DDT, a known hazardous chemical. Combined with an aggressive ad campaign, this resulted in Round Up becoming a leading product used by homeowners, businesses, and even government agencies.

    However, the hazards associated with the primary ingredient in Round Up, Glyphosate, are now well-known to the medical community. Medical associations have established a link between exposure to Glyphosate and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer of the immune system.

    Lawsuits allege that Monsanto knew of its product’s danger when it released it in 1974 but did not disclose this information to either the government or public, which constitutes legal negligence under State and Federal product liability laws. A Round Up attorney could provide more information about the dangers of Round Up and past legal actions.

    Pursuing Round Up Claims as Mass Torts

    The dangers associated with Round Up are readily apparent because of the sheer number of victims suffering similar injuries correlated with exposure to this product. Of course, Monsanto continues to deny this connection and is fighting vigorously in court to defend their profits. Unfortunately, this has intimidated many injured people into simply accepting their fate instead of pursuing legal action.

    Thankfully, the law offers a way for plaintiffs to share the burden of personal injury lawsuits against a common defendant. Specifically, a mass tort allows plaintiffs who share similar injuries against a common defendant to pursue their claims as a single entity.

    These plaintiffs may share evidence, file a single claim before a judge, and hold a single trial to demand compensation for all their losses. In addition, a mass tort case requires only one person to serve as a representative plaintiff in a case, meaning most people who join the claim could remain in the comfort of their home. A Round Up lawyer could help to determine if a mass tort is appropriate and work towards joining plaintiffs’ claims.

    Let a Round Up Attorney Help Fight for Compensation

    Monsanto’s negligence has led to hundreds of documented cases of cancer connected to Round Up exposure, a link now recognized by both scientists and civil courts. Even so, it may be an intimidating prospect for you to take on a major corporation such as Monsanto in court, especially since Monsanto still denies their role in causing cancer and is willing to fight in court to protect their profits.

    Joining with other people who have suffered similar injuries may increase your chances for success. In addition, a mass tort could allow you to collect compensation specific to your case without appearing in court. Contact a Round Up lawyer today to schedule a consultation.