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    PFAS Contamination Lawyer

    Perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances, better known as PFAS, are a series of synthetic chemicals found throughout the environment, as well as within the human body. Unlike most substances, these “forever chemicals” never break down. PFAS chemicals continue to accumulate over time, with studies showing serious health consequences when it accumulates within the human body.

    If you are suffering from the consequences of PFAS contamination, an experienced mass torts attorney might be able to help. PFAS contamination can have life-long consequences, and a successful legal claim could recover the cost of living with those consequences. A PFAS contamination lawyer could have the skills and resources needed to pursue these legal claims.

    Methods of PFAS Exposure

    Since the 1940s, manufacturers have used PFAS in a variety of products. Because of their inability to break down, PFAS are relied on by manufacturers for their ability to prevent the absorption of water or other liquids. The products that commonly include PFAS include:

    • Non-stick cookware
    • Paint
    • Industrial cleaners
    • Fire extinguisher foam
    • Sealants
    • Shampoo
    • Manufacturing equipment
    • Chrome plating

    Coming into contact with these products is only one method of exposure to PFAS. These substances often outlive the products they are included in, which allows them to contaminate the workplace, landfills, or outside environments.

    Many people suffer from PFAS after consuming them unintentionally. This contamination can occur after eating food manufactured by, or cooked in, products that include PFAS. Additionally, PFAS can seep into the ground or water. Many cases of contamination occur due to drinking water or eating food that is contaminated with PFAS.

    These substances are difficult to avoid due to their resistance to the water treatment process. Some of these processes not only fail to filter out PFAS, but have the potential to further concentrate these substances, making them more dangerous.

    Risks of PFAS Exposure

    According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), PFAS are a public health concern. The CDC has found that even small levels of PFAS contamination could be harmful to humans. Exposure can lead to a number of harmful effects.

    PFAS can impact a person’s growth and development, especially at a young age. Contamination can also affect a person’s thyroid function or damage the reproductive system. Other studies show contamination can hamper the immune system or damage the liver.

    Exposure to PFAS is also linked to high cholesterol. While cholesterol is necessary for the cell-building process, too much of it can result in heart disease. Over time, it can cause fatty deposits in the blood vessels and these deposits can block blood flow through the arteries.

    One of the most serious effects of PFAS contamination is the increased risk of cancer. While the potential forms of cancer can vary, the most common types resulting from exposure include testicular or kidney cancer.

    These health consequences are severe, with many of them potentially becoming fatal. A seasoned PFAS contamination attorney could help a person living with these ailments pursue compensation from the makers or users of these dangerous chemicals.

    Call a PFAS Contamination Attorney to Help Your Case

    No one deserves to live with the devastating health consequences of PFAS contamination. If you believe your health issues are related to these dangerous substances, you could be entitled to pursue legal action.

    A PFAS contamination lawyer could represent your best chance at financial recovery. To learn more, schedule an initial consultation as soon as possible.