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    Mass Torts Lawyer

    Most incidents that involve a personal injury follow a common procedure: an injured person identifies a defendant who is responsible for their losses and then files a lawsuit that demands compensation for those losses. This general formula applies to any sort of personal injury claim and could include car crashes, industrial accidents, defective product claims, and even injuries that occur from corporate negligence.

    However, many claim holders feel intimidated by the prospect of suing a large company that may employ a large, expensive legal team. Thankfully, a process exists whereby a group of plaintiffs who suffer similar injuries arising from a common set of facts can band together to take on at-fault defendants. These lawsuits are called mass torts.

    A mass torts lawyer could help you determine if your injuries qualify you to join an existing mass tort and work to obtain the compensation that you deserve after your injury. An attorney could even help create a new mass tort if your losses mirror those of other people.

    What is a Mass Tort?

    A tort is any action that gives rise to a claim for damages. They are usually the result of a person or company acting negligently and in a way that causes a personal injury. Normally, these incidents affect a single person, but there are situations where a defendant’s negligence causes multiple injuries to a large group of people.

    When this is the case, these injured people may be able to join their lawsuits together into a mass tort. A mass tort case allows these plaintiffs to share evidence, pool their resources, and even pursue their collected claims in court in a single trial.

    However, not just any group of plaintiffs are eligible to pursue a mass tort. Victims must share injuries against a common defendant. In addition, they must allege that a common failure on the part of the defendant resulted in the injury.

    Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 23 provides many of the rules for qualifying a case as a mass tort. A mass torts lawyer could help individuals to determine if their injuries qualify for a mass tort claim.

    Common Examples of Mass Torts

    The defendant in a mass tort case is typically a company or corporation. This is because the nature of a mass tort case means that a single defendant must interact with many plaintiffs in a similar fashion.

    For example, a car manufacturer may manufacture an engine that overheats and bursts into flame, burning the occupants. Under such circumstances, many victims may suffer injuries from a similar set of facts and share a similar theory as to why the carmaker is at fault, meaning they may be able to enter into a mass tort case together.

    Other prominent examples of mass tort cases include:

    In all these situations, it is likely that dozens or even hundreds of people suffered injuries because of a single instance of negligence on the part of a defendant. A mass torts lawyer could help investigate an incident that led to injury and identify other plaintiffs who had similar experiences to determine if a mass tort is appropriate.

    A Mass Torts Attorney Could Help Pursue a Case

    The advantages of pursuing a claim for damages following an injury as a mass tort are numerous. These cases allow you to join with other plaintiffs against a common defendant following instances of negligence. Practically speaking, this would allow you to pool of resources, share evidence, and even pursue the case in a single trial with one person serving as the sole plaintiff in court.

    A mass torts lawyer could help you to decide whether a mass tort is appropriate in your situation. This includes determining if you fall into a group of people with similar claims, filing the necessary paperwork to join an existing mass tort, and even taking the necessary steps to initiate a new mass tort. Call today to learn more.