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    Lagrange Vaginal Mesh Lawyer

    Vaginal mesh repair is a surgical process that involves the use of a synthetic mesh to secure and support weakened tissues in the pelvis. This procedure may become necessary when a woman’s pelvic muscles are unable to support the internal organs as a result of being weakened due to childbirth or a hysterectomy.

    Not long ago, the FDA stated that using vaginal mesh is potentially harmful and can lead to many adverse effects. These include perforated intestines, bladder, bowels, extrusion of the mesh through walls of soft tissue, and erosion of the mesh through soft tissue.

    If you or a loved one suffered any adverse effects from defective vaginal mesh, you may be eligible to receive compensation that a skilled attorney could help you pursue. Do not hesitate to talk to a Lagrange vaginal mesh lawyer who could examine all aspects of your case and advise you of your best legal options going forward.

    Liability Laws in Vaginal Mesh Cases

    Georgia products liability law applies to damages caused by defective vaginal mesh. Liability could be assigned to any or all parties involved in the design, manufacture, or distribution of the vaginal mesh for the damages invoked by it. This may include the pharmaceutical company that produced the mesh as well as healthcare providers who installed it incorrectly.

    Products liability claims in Lagrange, Georgia can be filed on the legal basis of strict liability, breach of warranty of fitness, or negligence. These claims may be contingent on the jurisdiction where the claim is made.

    When a product liability legal claim is invoked, it may not be necessary to prove negligence by the manufacturer during the manufacturing process if the theory of strict liability is applied. So long as it can be proven that the product was defective, they could be held liable under this theory for any adverse effects it caused.

    FDA Timeline

    Individuals who experience problems with vaginal mesh devices are not alone. From 2005 to 2010, over 3,800 reports were sent to the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) from nine surgical mesh manufacturers about problems with the vaginal mesh device and its use in the treatment of stress urinary continence (SUI) and pelvic organ prolapse (POP).

    In 2011, the FDA sent an alert saying that painful and severe complications related to the transvaginal placement of surgical mesh were not uncommon. Lawsuits have now been filed at the state and federal levels against manufacturers of the transvaginal mesh patches by over 68,000 women across the United States.

    Filing a Claim for Compensatory Damages

    Individuals may be eligible for compensation if they have encountered complications following the implantation of a transvaginal patch to treat SUI or POP. By pursuing a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the surgical mesh, you could receive compensation for medical expenses, loss of income, resultant pain and suffering, and other financial burdens. For assistance with filing a claim, get in touch with a Lagrange vaginal mesh lawyer.

    Contact a Compassionate Lagrange Vaginal Mesh Attorney Today

    A seasoned Lagrange vaginal mesh lawyer should be familiar with handling defective device cases. They could help you seek compensation for your damages and hold the responsible parties accountable. With the number of reports and cases of women suffering from vaginal mesh inserts, it may be important to file a claim now to stop future suffering by others. Let a dedicated local attorney assess your case and see how much recovery you may be eligible for today.