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    LaGrange Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

    Over-the-counter and prescription medications treat a tremendous range of illnesses and conditions. Some of these include cardiac and pulmonary diseases, psychological health issues, and immune system disorders.

    However, on some occasions, a drug approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), can cause more harm than good. Defective or dangerous drugs can create serious, if not life-threatening, collateral effects like blood clotting, cardiac arrest, stroke, and cancer development.

    A LaGrange dangerous drugs lawyer could help you or someone you love who may have taken unsafe medication. A personal injury attorney could help you determine whether you have a viable legal claim and explain how you should proceed. Additionally, a seasoned attorney could be a critical ally when tackling a case against “Big Pharma” companies.

    The Types of Drug-Related Product Liability Claims

    A LaGrange attorney could file a dangerous drug claim based on one or more of the following legal theories. These claims derive from an area of tort law that addresses harms caused by any defective product. Investigating what went wrong in a prospective case is an important part of a lawyer’s job because ascertaining what went wrong, when, and why, is critical to proving liability.

    Defective Manufacturing

    This type of defect usually indicates that there has been some error in the manufacturing process that caused an issue with a particular dose or batch. This can come from tainted or dangerous ingredients, improper ingredient ratios, and mislabeling or shipping issues.

    Inadequate Warnings

    Inadequate labeling refers to a failure to give sufficient instructions and warnings to the consumer. Here, the at-fault party could be the manufacturer, product container manufacturer, a dispensing hospital, physician, nurse, or pharmacy. When a medication does not contain an accurate or sufficient advisory about serious side effects, this may constitute an inadequate warning claim.

    Harmful Side Effects

    In a harmful side effect claim, advocates argue that while a drug may have been manufactured as intended, the flaw is that it produces adverse side effects that differ from those encountered during the drug testing period. Some side effects, such as those forecasted and warned of, generally do not result in liability. However, in some instances, when an attorney can demonstrate that a drug company knew about the hazardous side effects and hid them, it can be easier to prove liability.

    Real-World Examples of Dangerous Drugs

    Though FDA testing is rigorous, some drug trials are too short to determine whether they will have damaging, long-term effects, or the trial group is too small to show how the drug interacts with all patients. Some examples of drugs and their harmful side effects include:

    • Antidepressants or SSRIs and depression, suicide, and congenital disabilities
    • Opioids and addiction-related overdoses
    • Birth control and increase the risk of blood clotting
    • Pelvic mesh and infection, incontinence, and other complications
    • Diabetes medication and bladder cancer
    • Blood-thinning medication and clotting, strokes, and internal bleeding

    These are just some examples of drugs that have been the subject of scrutiny or lawsuits. An unsafe medication lawyer in LaGrange could identify whether a particular drug has been the target of an investigation or legal action.

    Contact a LaGrange Dangerous Drugs Attorney

    Unfortunately, the aims of big pharma do not always align with public health. These large pharmaceutical companies have been guilty of swapping patient welfare for profits, and regrettably, continue to do so.

    An attorney could help you seek compensation for medical expenses relating to your complications, lost income, and pain and suffering if you took a medication that caused you to suffer losses. Get in touch with a LaGrange dangerous drugs lawyer today to discuss your case.