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    LaGrange Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

    Signs of nursing home abuse and neglect are not always physical, and even when there are physical signs present, they may be hidden or difficult to identify. Furthermore, the residents themselves may be reluctant or unable to report their experiences, making nursing home abuse and neglect often extremely hard to detect.

    If you are concerned your loved one may be experiencing abuse and neglect, an experienced attorney could help you begin the process of ensuring your family member is safe. Contact a LaGrange nursing home abuse lawyer today.

    Importance of Addressing Nursing Home Abuse

    While no one wants to falsely accuse a nursing home staff member of abuse, these accusations should always be reported so that a proper investigation can be conducted. A LaGrange nursing home abuse attorney may assist with this process.

    It is better to find out immediately whether abuse occurred than to possibly leave a vulnerable nursing home resident in the care of abusive staff. Every resident who reaches out for help should be taken at their word, and all allegations should be followed up with and thoroughly investigated.

    Reasons Residents Underreport Abuse

    A major reason nursing home abuse and neglect is not always reported is because nursing home residents may feel embarrassed and ashamed to admit they are victims of abuse or neglect. In some circumstances, nursing home residents may feel guilty when coming forward with reports of abuse or neglect. The family members of nursing home residents likely spent a considerable amount of time, energy, and money finding their current nursing home, and residents may worry about making them go through the process of interviewing, researching, and selecting a nursing home facility again.

    In addition, their family members may live far away and would have to travel and take substantial time off work to investigate allegations of abuse and neglect, and then move their loved one to a different facility. Even if they move to a different nursing home care facility, there is no guarantee that they will not experience the same abuse or neglect at the new location. These residents may feel that it would be better for everyone if they just tried to manage their situation on their own.

    Finally, some patients do not have any family members that can help them. They may have been placed in the nursing home care facility by a state agency, and they are not sure who to reach out to or whether anyone can be trusted.

    Talk to a LaGrange Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Today

    Needless to say, there are numerous reasons why nursing home abuse so often goes underreported or unnoticed—which makes maintaining vigilance over your loved one’s care and well-being that much more important. If you are concerned about your loved one residing in a nursing home care facility, do not hesitate to consult with a compassionate LaGrange nursing home abuse and neglect lawyer as soon as possible.