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    LaGrange Slip and Fall Lawyer

    An unexpected fall can cause serious injuries in more cases than people expect. Slip and fall injuries can be caused by any number of problems, ranging from badly maintained sidewalks to a spill left on a floor, to poorly lit stairwells and—of course—snow and ice buildup.

    When this happens due to an avoidable situation, there may be a responsible party that could be held liable for injuries sustained. If you suffer injury from a bad fall, a LaGrange slip and fall lawyer could advise you about your rights and give you professional guidance on any potential case you may have. Contact a seasoned attorney today for a consultation.

    Slip and Fall Laws in LaGrange

    Premises liability law controls slip and fall cases in Georgia. According to the tenets of premises liability, commercial enterprises and private property owners must take reasonable care to keep their premises safe for any invitees.

    Specifically, Georgia Code §51-3-1 sets out that invitees are persons who are induced to come onto the premises by an invitation, and the liability of property owners for them includes injuries caused by a failure to take ordinary care to keep their premises and entryways to them safe.

    Examples of invitees to whom this level of care applies include:

    • Customers at a store
    • Tenants of an apartment
    • Hospital, clinic, and nursing home patients
    • Concert or sporting event attendees
    • Airline passengers

    Establishing Liability

    When a business induces or leads someone to come onto its property, it can be held responsible for injuries sustained due to a failure to take ordinary care to keep the property safe. Georgia law distinguishes between static defects and foreign substance defects, and different standards apply depending on the circumstances.

    To establish liability to an invitee, the evidence must show that the business knew or should have known about the hazard causing the injury and the injured person lacked knowledge of the hazard despite the exercise of ordinary care.

    Lower levels of care are owed to licensees, such as a social guest at a home, and to trespassers, which is someone coming into a home without permission. It can be much more difficult to establish liability in these complex situations, but an experienced slip and fall lawyer in LaGrange could help with any injury claim related to a slip and fall. The attorney could determine what compensation may be owed by property owners and what level of protection they should have afforded their injured guest.

    Get the Help of a LaGrange Slip and Fall Attorney

    A slip and fall injury can be a major setback, and when it is caused by another person’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, disability, punitive damages, and other losses both economic and non-economic in nature.

    If this happens to you, do not wait to hear from the insurance company of the business where you were injured. Get experienced advice from a LaGrange slip and fall lawyer by calling for a consultation today.