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    LaGrange Dog Bite Lawyer

    Dog bites or attacks can be horrific experiences. An animal, perhaps totally unprovoked, can cause severe physical injury because of their strong jaws and sharp teeth. In addition to physical damage, the trauma from this type of incident may have lasting repercussions.

    If a canine bit you or somebody you love, consider speaking with a LaGrange dog bite lawyer to discuss your case. A personal injury attorney could help you understand the law’s subtleties regarding owner liability and evaluate your specific circumstances. Additionally, legal counsel could represent you in negotiations with the defendant or their insurer, or file a personal injury suit on your behalf.

    State and Local Dog Bite Laws

    Dog attack lawsuits are not always straightforward. State, in combination with local law, determine the standard for whether or not an owner may be liable for their dog’s actions.

    Under state law, a dog owner or caregiver may be liable when their careless management of the animal results in injury to another person, and the pet was proven to have vicious tendencies. Additionally, the injured party also must not have provoked the dog for the owner to be liable.

    Careless management of a canine is a fact-specific inquiry decided on a case-by-case basis. In court, the plaintiff must present factual evidence to show that an owner failed to meet this standard. An experienced LaGrange attorney could help someone bitten by a dog put together a compelling case that demonstrates owner negligence.

    When proving vicious propensity, it is sufficient to show that the animal was required to be under control or on a leash by a local ordinance. To prove that a dog had a vicious propensity, evidence may show that the pet had previously attacked or bit someone. Alternatively, offering proof of a violation of a local dog ordinance may be sufficient.

    Statute of Limitations for LaGrange Dog Attack Cases

    State law restricts the amount of time that may pass after an injury before a plaintiff files a lawsuit. This rule encourages people to resolve disputes quickly. As time passes, witnesses forget what happened, and evidence becomes stale.

    A person bitten by a dog has two years from the date of the incident to file a personal injury lawsuit based on the harm they suffered. If a claimant brings a case after this time, the court may dismiss this claim, and the injured person will not have the opportunity to seek legal recovery. A LaGrange lawyer could help someone file their dog bite case in a timely manner so as to meet the statute of limitations.

    Speak with a LaGrange Dog Bite Attorney for Help

    People bitten by a dog must act quickly when filing their claims for compensation or risk being unable to pursue any case at all. An experienced LaGrange dog bite lawyer could take on your case and advocate for your interests in negotiations or a court of law. Do not delay in reaching out to our office to discuss your situation.