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    What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident in Carrollton

    The moments following a motorcycle accident are often the most difficult to comprehend. The shock of being in this type of accident, coupled with any serious injuries sustained as a consequence of the accident, could make the experience overwhelming for injured victims. As a result, victims should get in touch with a knowledgeable attorney for more insight on what to do after a motorcycle accident in Carrollton.

    If you were injured in a motorbiking collision and would like an injury attorney to oversee your claim for compensation, call today to schedule a consultation.

    Why is it Problematic to Handle an Injury Case Without an Attorney?

    People should not attempt to handle motorcycle accident cases by themselves in Carrollton since these types of accidents typically result in serious injuries. Many Georgia drivers do not carry adequate liability coverage to cover the types of injuries that people often suffer as a result of motorcycle accidents. As a result, it would be vital to have an attorney on-board since they could help determine who would be financially liable for the damages sustained. In addition, the opposing party’s insurance may likely utilize the various tricks at their disposal to confuse or coerce a victim into saying something that would discredit their claim.

    What Should Someone Do Immediately Following a Motorcycle Accident?

    One of the first things victims should do following a motorcycle accident is to make sure that their health and wellbeing is being monitored by a medical professional. If they suffered injuries or believe that they were injured, they should prioritize medical attention above all else. Once treatment has been facilitated, victims should be sure to gather all evidence that would support their case for compensation. Examples of evidence that would prove most valuable are any photos or videos of the accident, testimony from nearby witnesses, and testimony from expert witnesses about the causes of the crash. However, to effectively gather evidence, it is wise to seek the services of an injury attorney experienced in motorcycle accident cases.

    How to Deal with the Other Party’s Insurance Company

    People who are dealing with another motorist’s insurance adjuster or company after an accident should consider retaining an experienced personal injury lawyer so that they no longer have to speak with representatives of the at-fault insurance company. Big insurance companies often encourage their adjusters to save money so that they can spend more on advertising. A lawyer should effectively communicate and negotiate with insurance companies and adjusters as needed for the victim.

    If an injured individual has not retained an attorney, they should simply be truthful when speaking with an insurance adjuster. They should tell the adjuster exactly what happened from their perspective, the exact nature of the pain they experience as a result of the accident caused by their insured, and whether they expect to see a medical provider in the future.

    How can an Attorney Help?

    An experienced attorney can help someone who has been involved in a Carrollton motorcycle accident in many ways. Attorneys can gather valuable information, such as police reports, insurance declaration pages, and other documents related to the crash. An experienced motorcycle injury lawyer can also assist victims by ensuring that they receive adequate medical care for injuries sustained during the accident.

    To learn more about what to do after a motorcycle accident in Carrollton, be sure to get in touch with our law offices today and schedule a consultation.