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    Motorcycle Defects and Recalls in Carrollton

    When a major manufacturer produces an item, whether it be a watch or a motor vehicle, they owe it to the consumer to inform them of any defects or recalls that could place them in harm’s way. When they do not, and an injury occurs as a result, victims should take immediate legal action to obtain the damages they deserve.

    To learn more about your eligibility for compensation for motorcycle defects and recalls in Carrollton, schedule a consultation with an attorney today.

    What is the Difference Between a Motorcycle Defect and a Recall?

    The difference between a motorcycle defect and a recall is that recalls on motorcycles are usually issued by either the federal government and/or the actual manufacturer of the motorcycle itself, while defects can come from anywhere.

    A defect, many times, is caused by someone other than the manufacturer of the motorcycle, although that is not always the case. Ultimately, if there is a defect with a motorcycle caused by the manufacturer or one of their providers, then a recall is issued by the manufacturer letting everyone know about the defect.

    How Does a Manufacturer Determine What Parts Should Be Recalled?

    A manufacturer determines whether a motorcycle part or an entire motorcycle model should be recalled based on complaints. Recalls are generally the result of customer complaints. Those customer complaints can come from operators of the motorcycles themselves or from licensed motorcycle mechanics that have noticed a track record of the same issue with the same make and model of a particular motorcycle. Those issues are reported to the federal government. The federal government hopefully will do their own investigation and determine whether a national recall needs to be issued or whether a recall is limited to a certain region of America or to one specific part.

    Common Ways People Receive News of a Motorcycle-Related Recall in Carrollton

    People receive news of a motorcycle-related recall through the manufacturer. Once a recall is issued, the manufacturer has a duty to send out recall notices to known people that own the make and model that is subject to the recall. Unfortunately, the records that pertain to the addresses and contact information of the persons affected by the recall are not always accurate. That is why many times recalls are reported on the national news, so that they can catch as many people as possible. In general, they will receive something in the mailbox that notifies them of the proper recall, although that is not always the case.

    Is a Manufacturer Required to Notify Consumers of Recalls?

    A manufacturer is required to notify consumers of recalls. Manufacturers do have certain duties regarding notification about recalls, however, that duty is lacking when it comes to determining who exactly they need to notify about the recall. Manufacturers are not in the business of keeping detailed records about where each and every product they manufactured has gone. Therefore, many times people that are in possession of a recalled product have no way of knowing that a recall has been issued because their contact information is nowhere to be found with the manufacturer.

    How Can Operating a Motorcycle After a Recall Impact a Case?

    If a person is operating a motorcycle after the recall has been initiated, this can complicate the case proceeding for personal injury claims to a certain degree. However, oftentimes people who are operating recalled motorcycles have no idea that their make and model has been recalled. This is a common occurrence, especially in Georgia, because many more motorcycles are purchased on the used marketplace as opposed to brand new from a motorcycle dealership.

    It is more likely that if a motorcycle was purchased from a dealership new, then the person’s contact information will be with the manufacturer. However, once that motorcycle enters the used marketplace, there are a lot of times that notifications are never seen about recalls.

    Get in Touch with an Attorney Today

    If your motorcycle was recently subject to a recall or has become defective in some manner through no fault of your own, get in touch with an attorney today. A lawyer experienced in handling cases related to motorcycle defects and recalls in Carrollton could review your case and help you plan a strategy that would result in your favor. To get started on discussing your case, schedule a consultation today.