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    Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Carrollton

    The most common causes of motorcycle accidents in Carrollton are other drivers on the road not paying attention to motorcyclists. It is pretty noticeable the difference in size between a motorcycle and a regular passenger vehicle or tractor-trailer truck. Therefore, motorcycles can sometimes be harder to see on the road than other types of vehicles.

    Weather is another factor that also can play a substantial role in causing motorcycle wrecks. Issues with road drainage, standing water, slick roads, and similar situations can result in serious motorcycle collisions. Depending on the cause of your accident, you may have a viable claim for damages. One of our skilled motorcycle crash attorneys could review your case and determine what the best course of legal action may be.

    Why Do Motorcycle Accidents Occur in Carrollton?

    In Carrollton, motorcycle accidents happen more frequently than bike wrecks. Carrollton is a pretty unique town in that it has a greenbelt, which covers more than 18 miles of the town. Therefore, many of the bicyclists are traveling around town in this protected area where motor vehicles are not allowed. Motorcycles are prevalent in the South and also in Carrollton. On pretty summer days, there may be many motorcyclists on the road. Of course, being on the road is a hazard in itself, whether they are in a passenger car or on a motorcycle.

    Carrollton is in Metropolitan Atlanta. Therefore, there are thousands and thousands of people on the road every day. Therefore, motorcycles being on the roads more commonly than bicycles contribute to the higher prevalence of motorcycle crashes.

    Weather Conditions that May Cause a Motorcycle Wreck

    One of the specific conditions that may lead to motorcycle crashes in Carrollton deals with novice motorcycle riders. While it is one thing for a new motorcyclist to be traveling down the road during dry and sunny weather, it is a totally different experience when it is raining, and the pavement is wet. As is common in the South, thunderstorms can pop up at a moment’s notice, causing a dramatic change in circumstances for the motorcyclist.

    Additionally, when it is snowing and the roads are icy, motorcyclists of all experience levels can become more vulnerable to a collision. If there is snow and ice in the forecast, motorcyclists and other drivers should be aware and avoid traveling on the roads if they can. If a motorcycle accident occurs because of poor weather conditions, an injured party may still have options for compensation. In these situations, it is best to contact a lawyer.

    Speak with a Carrollton Attorney to Learn More About the Causes of Motorbike Accidents

    There are various causes of motorcycle accidents in Carrollton, and they all can have different impacts on a case. Because of the legal complexities that can arise in various motorbike accident cases, you should reach out to a lawyer if you were involved in such a crash. To get started on your case, schedule an initial consultation with one of our dedicated attorneys.