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    Traffic Laws for Motorcycles in Carrollton

    Motorcycles offer a unique traveling experience that some people cannot pass up. Although motorcycle riding is fun and enjoyable, riders should prioritize riding their bike in a safe manner over the fun that comes with. If riders simply abide by the traffic laws for motorcycles in Carrollton, they would be riding their motorbike in a responsible manner while still enjoying the freedom that comes with operating a motorcycle. To learn more, get in touch with a knowledgeable attorney today.

    How do Traffic Laws Apply to Motorcycles?

    Motorcycles are subject to the same rules of the road as any other passenger vehicle or tractor-trailer truck in Carrollton. Motorcyclists must abide by any and all speed limit signs, stop signs, yield signs, and any other signs on the roadway. They may be subject to specialized rules if there is certain ongoing road construction in Georgia. For example, when the state or federal government hires a contractor to repave roads, there is often considerable signage notifying motorcyclists of loose gravel and/or the prohibition of motorcycles on the roadway. If they do not slow down after being warned, their ability to obtain compensation may be limited due to their reluctance of following the law.

    Important Reasons for Motorcyclists to Follow Traffic Laws

    Motorcyclists should follow traffic laws because motorcycles, due to their size, can quickly turn into deadly objects on the roadway. A motorcycle is much smaller than a passenger vehicle or tractor-trailer truck, limiting their visibility on the road.

    In addition to following the rules of the road, it is imperative the victims wear a helmet no matter how far they travel on a motorcycle. A helmet could be the difference between life and death if a motorcyclist is involved in an accident.

    How Does a Failure to Follow the Law Impact a Motorbike Injury Case?

    Since Georgia utilizes a modified comparative negligence standard for motorcycle crash cases, not following the law can impact a motorcyclist’s injury case. If an insurance company and/or jury determines that a motorcyclist was 51% at fault for an accident, the motorcyclist would be barred from receiving any recovery for the injuries they suffered in the accident. As a result, motorcyclists should follow any and all rules of the road and those related to operating a motorcycle to help ensure that they are eligible to receive adequate compensation for their injuries.

    This plays into negligence claims in Carrollton by virtue of the modified comparative negligence standard that applies to all negligence cases in the state of Georgia. If a motorcyclist is found to be partially at fault for an accident, their recovery would be reduced by the percentage that they are determined to be at fault.

    Impact of Traffic Infractions

    A traffic infraction can substantially alter a motorcycle injury claim in Carrollton depending on the type of citation issued. If an at-fault driver receives a citation for violating traffic law, it can help establish liability for an accident. Likewise, if a motorcyclist is issued a citation as a result of an accident in which they sustained injuries, it will likely factor when determining whether or not the motorcyclist should be barred from recovery.

    How to Stay Up to Date on Motorcycle Traffic Laws

    Motorcyclists in Carrollton can research local news outlets and motorcycle dealerships to stay updated on new or revised motorcycle laws that might impact them if they are ever involved in an accident. New motorcycle riding laws typically take effect annually on July 1st if the Georgia General Assembly enacts any applicable laws.

    Local law enforcement is not required to announce any changes to traffic laws in the state of Georgia, even those that might apply to operating a motorcycle. It is up to motorcyclists to stay up to date with any relevant changes, and there is no excuse for motorcyclists who are unaware of the laws regarding motorcycle operation.

    Speak with an Attorney to Learn More

    To learn more about traffic laws for motorcycles in Carrollton, feel free to reach out to an attorney today. By speaking with a lawyer, you will have a better idea of how to not only operate your motorcycle in a safe manner, but how to avoid reducing the legitimacy of an injury claim should you be involved in a collision. Call today to begin discussing any and all of your questions.