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    Laws for Motorcyclists in Carrollton

    While there are some laws for motorcyclists in Carrollton, they are held to the same standards and rules of the road that drivers and truckers must follow to while traveling. It is still against the law to run stop signs. It is still against the law to fail to maintain in their lane. It is still against the law to roll through red lights on a motorcycle.

    All of the normal traffic laws that apply to them while they are driving down the road in a passenger vehicle apply to them when they are traveling on their motorcycle. All police officers have jurisdiction to cite motorcyclists who are breaking traffic laws. If you were involved in a collision while on your motorcycle because someone was breaking the law, our legal team could help you.

    Motorcycle License Requirements in Carrollton

    Motorcyclists in the state are required to have a separate driver’s license denoting that they can drive a motorcycle. Therefore, they must have a state motorcycle license to operate their vehicle. It is different than their standard driving license, which allows them to begin operating a car when they are 16 years old. Individuals cannot start driving a motorcycle until they are 17 years old. They must pass a written exam, as well as a Department of Driver Services Motorcycle Road Skills Test, to ride a motorbike. The only limitation of the instructional motorcycle permit is if a person has any sort of vision issues that require contacts or glasses, then that should be noted on their license.

    Is Special Training Required for Novice Motorcyclists in Carrollton?

    While no law requires novice motorcyclists in Carrollton to complete special training, for this person to obtain a motorcycle license from the Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles, they must demonstrate that they have basic skills. Therefore, it is recommended that new motorcyclists go to a motorcycle dealership and ask what types of classes they offer to prepare to be out on the road and practice safely.

    Filing an Insurance Claim After a Motorcycle Collision in Carrollton

    One of the most important laws that motorcyclists and other motorists in Carrollton must follow is obtaining insurance on all of their vehicles, including motorbikes. Any person who is at fault for a crash that resulted in a motorcyclist’s injuries can have an insurance claim brought against them if they do have coverage for their vehicle. In Georgia, all passenger vehicles on the road are required to have a minimum insurance policy limit of $25,000 to be traveling legally. However, as with most things, that is not always a given for all cars.

    Some motorists are driving around in vehicles and do not have valid insurance. To the extent there is valid insurance on a car or truck that causes a motorcycle crash, then an insurance claim is made on that person’s policy. Another possible avenue of setting up an insurance claim is on the motorcyclist’s underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage.

    It is imperative that when they purchase their motorcycle and get it insured, that they ask their insurance agent, how much does UM coverage costs for their motorcycle. It is extremely necessary to get UM coverage on a motorcycle insurance policy because if someone is involved in a motorcycle crash, their injuries are likely to be severe and expensive.

    Contact an Attorney to Learn More About Regulations for Motorcyclists in Carrollton

    The laws for motorcyclists in Carrollton are important because they could impact the viability of a claim based on who followed them and which were broken. A skilled attorney could review your motorcycle accident case and determine how these laws may apply to your case. For more information, call today.