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    Bremen Premises Liability Lawyer

    Property owners have a legal obligation to ensure that their premises is free of hazardous conditions. If a property owner does not comply with this standard, anyone who is hurt by these dangerous conditions while on their premises may have a claim for damages. A slippery floor, a broken elevator, falling debris, and inadequate security are all examples of hazards that can potentially form the basis of a premises liability lawsuit.

    Consider contacting a Bremen premises liability lawyer if you believe you have a claim against a negligent property owner. Hiring a personal injury attorney who has experience with these cases can significantly increase your chances of recovering compensation for all of your losses.

    Establishing Negligence

    Someone who gets hurt while visiting another person’s property must prove that they were legally negligent at the time fo their accident. A Bremen premises liability attorney could help an injured party present the necessary evidence to prove that they have a valid claim. A claimant can demonstrate a defendant’s negligence by showing that:

    • A dangerous condition existed on the property
    • The owner of the property either knew or should have known about the dangerous condition
    • The owner failed to fix or remove the dangerous condition, or they did not warn visitors about it
    • The dangerous condition caused harm to the claimant

    Type of Premises Liability Claims

    There are many different ways that a dangerous condition can seriously harm a visitor. A Bremen property liability attorney could review a claim and identify the best course of legal action based on the cause of their injuries.

    Tripping Accidents

    Slips, trips, and falls frequently result in viable property liability claims if an injured party can prove that a property owner failed to keep their premises free of tripping hazards. Slips may occur due to spilled liquids, cracked flooring, wrinkled carpeting, and uneven sidewalks.

    Animal Attack

    A pet owner may face legal consequences under the doctrine of premises liability if they fail to control their animal who has dangerous propensities. It is important to note that someone may only be protected under this law if they were legally on the premises. Trespassers may not be able to claim damages if a dog attacks them while protecting their owner’s property.

    Inadequate Security

    Someone who suffered assault or another crime while on another’s property may have the option to sue if a property owner failed to provide adequate security. By not providing proper protection, the proprietor created a hazardous condition.

    Swimming Pool Injuries

    Swimming pools can be quite dangerous to adults and children alike if they not managed properly. A claimant should consult a lawyer if their injuries to inadequate lifeguard training, fencing, or poor signage.

    This person also may be able to file a claim under the doctrine of attractive nuisance if a child is the one who was injured. State law imposes a duty on landowners to keep their properties free of attractive nuisances, such as swimming pools, that may cause harm to trespassing children.

    Seek Help from an Experienced Bremen Premises Liability Attorney

    An injury that was caused by dangerous conditions on someone else’s property may be compensable under state law. A Bremen premises liability lawyer could become your legal advocate throughout the claims process. To get started on your case, call today.