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    Bremen Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

    According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 1,554 people died in traffic accidents in 2016. The NHTSA also reported that 232 pedestrian fatalities occurred in Georgia that same year.

    No one wants to think about getting hit by a car as they enjoy their day. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents happen daily, as experienced personal injury attorneys know all too well. If you are struck by a vehicle while walking, a Bremen pedestrian accident lawyer may be able to help you seek justice.

    What Causes Pedestrian Accidents?

    Pedestrian accidents happen for many reasons. Driver inattention is a common reason for car crashes, and in recent years has inspired the creation of laws banning drivers from using cellular phones while operating a vehicle. However, pedestrian accidents also may happen due to drivers not yielding at a crosswalk, turning a corner without looking, driving under the influence, or speeding.

    A Bremen pedestrian accident attorney could help determine who was at fault in a particular accident by collecting evidence such as photographs and video of the accident site, police reports, and testimony from witnesses and accident reconstruction experts. Depending on the circumstances, various parties may bear some liability, including not just the driver involved but also other drivers in the area, employers of a negligent driver, municipal entities, and even the injured pedestrian themselves.

    Compensable Pedestrian Accident Injuries

    Although anyone can sustain injuries in a pedestrian accident, specific populations have higher risks of being struck. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states seniors 65 and older represented 20 percent of pedestrian deaths.

    Not all pedestrian involved in accidents die, but many suffer severe injuries. Some common injuries sustained by pedestrians struck by motor vehicles include:

    • Brain Damage
    • Severe bruises and lacerations
    • Permanent scarring
    • Fractured and broken bones
    • Spinal cord trauma

    Following a pedestrian accident, a consultation with legal counsel may be an important step towards recovery. A seasoned pedestrian accident lawyer in Bremen may be able to help a plaintiff recover damages for medical bills, as well as various other damages.

    The Importance of Acting Quickly

    Whenever someone is involved in a pedestrian-car crash, time is often of the essence in the immediate aftermath. Beyond just calling 911 and seeking appropriate medical attention, though, filing suit in a timely fashion can also be crucial.

    Every state imposes a statute of limitations that defines the time allotted to file a claim. In Georgia, there is a two-year statutory period for personal injury cases that begins the day of the accident, according to the Official Code of Georgia ยง9-3-33.

    Speak with a Bremen Pedestrian Accident Attorney Today

    After experiencing a car accident as a pedestrian, it is understandable to want to move forward with your life. A Bremen pedestrian accident lawyer may be able to set you on the path to starting over by helping you pursue monetary compensation for medical bills and wages lost from the inability to work, as well as various other damages.

    Whether you can reach a settlement or your claim goes to trial, a knowledgeable attorney could answer your questions and fight for you and your best interests. Call today to schedule an initial consultation and discuss your legal options.