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    Bremen Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

    The courts in Bremen, Georgia take nursing home abuse very seriously. If you believe a loved one has suffered abuse or neglect at the hands of their caretakers in a nursing home facility, time is of the essence. An experienced Bremen nursing home abuse lawyer knows this well and subsequently may be able to help remedy your loved one’s substandard treatment. Seek the counsel of compassionate personal injury attorney, and know that you and your loved one are in capable hands.

    Nursing Home Abuse Largely Goes Underreported

    Nursing home abuse is more common than many people realize because it often goes underreported. In many cases, this is because seniors in nursing home facilities are hesitant to report abuse. They may fear retaliation if they are not believed, or they may feel guilty or ashamed that they do not have control over their situation.

    Some nursing home patients may not want to inconvenience or upset their family members, especially in situations and areas where locating and deciding on an affordable nursing home facility is particularly challenging. In addition, many nursing home residents suffer from varying stages of dementia, and may not be aware of exactly what happened to them.

    Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

    Regardless of the circumstances, it is important for families with loved ones in assisted care facilities to be aware of the various signs and symptoms of nursing home abuse and neglect. Nursing home abuse and neglect can take many forms and is often easy to hide.  Physical abuse can leave marks and bruises, but these might be explained away by an elderly resident’s tendency to bruise more easily clumsiness, or blood clotting issues.

    Sexual abuse is less common than physical abuse, but often the signs are not as apparent. Verbal and emotional abuses do not leave direct physical signs, but are no less damaging, potentially causing intense depression, anxiety, fear, shame, and guilt.

    Common Symptoms of Neglect

    There are numerous signs of nursing home abuse and neglect, some more insidious than others. While some symptoms, like anxiety or depression, appear in nursing home residents who have not been abused, these symptoms may instead raise red flags about nursing home abuse, especially when they are coupled with other additional symptoms and signs that something is wrong.

    Common physical signs of neglect in nursing homes include bruises, bumps, marks, contusions, bed sores and infections, sexually transmitted diseases, and self-injury. Soiled clothes and linens, unchanged adult diapers, and self-injury can also suggest abuse.

    Family members may also have cause for concern if an elderly relative expresses new or intensifying anxiety, depression, anger, loss of appetite, or fear of a certain staff member.

    Finally, certain actions committed by a nursing home staff member or administrator can qualify as abuse regardless of the end result. Unnecessary isolation or restraint, medication errors, withholding necessities such as food or medication, and lack of access to a doctor or therapist are all abuses that may incur liability in civil court. A Bremen nursing home abuse lawyer can help individuals hold the at-fault party responsible.

    Speak with a Bremen Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Today

    Any type of nursing home abuse or neglect can affect the health and healing capacities of a nursing home resident, and in extreme cases may even lead to premature death. As soon as you learn about or even suspect nursing home abuse, it is important to work with a nursing home abuse attorney who can help you investigate the nursing home facility and make sure that your loved one is safe.

    If nursing home abuse is established, you can pursue a personal injury claim to hold the nursing home facility and any staff members involved personally responsible. Contact an experienced Bremen nursing home abuse lawyer for help evaluating your case and potentially opening up a lawsuit.