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    Warning Signs of Nursing Home Neglect in Bremen

    Nursing home neglect is a tragic issue that takes place at many nursing homes across the country. Nursing homes are often understaffed leaving employees overworked, exhausted, and feeling unable to provide and care for their patients the way they should.

    Still, the elderly are some of the nation’s most vulnerable citizens and staff members need to care for them properly. Unfortunately, they are not always able to ensure they receive that care.

    Many elders do not report neglect because they do not realize it is happening, or they are simply too embarrassed to bring it to someone’s attention.

    It is very important that their loved ones recognize the warning signs of nursing home neglect in Bremen so they can report it to the appropriate authorities. Loved ones could also speak to a nursing home abuse lawyer in Bremen if they suspect a case of neglect.

    Common Warning Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

    It can be difficult for family members to know what to look for when looking for warning signs of nursing home neglect in Bremen, but there are some common signs:

    • Physical Symptoms
    • Poor Conditions
    • Malnutrition
    • Lack of Activity
    • Unexplained Injuries

    Physical Symptoms

    The elderly often cannot care for themselves. For this reason, patients often need help getting themselves dressed, brushing their teeth, brushing their hair, clipping their nails, and bathing. Unfortunately, lack of proper dental care is also a major issue in nursing homes across the country. If a patient has problems eating, complains of tooth pain, or is otherwise appears dirty, it could be a sign they are suffering from nursing home neglect.

    Poor Conditions

    Nursing homes must keep a clean and safe place for their patients to live. This is important not only to provide them with a nice place to live, but also to protect their personal safety. When living spaces or common areas are cluttered, it could pose a risk of slip and falls. Also, when staff members do not change bed sheets or clean the bathrooms, it could pose a risk of infection or illness. Loved ones should always closely observe the conditions of the nursing home and if they are subpar, consider it one of the many warning signs of nursing home neglect in Bremen.


    Many family members believe that if they are not visiting during mealtime, it can be difficult to detect signs of malnutrition. But there are physical signs they can watch for. Brittle hair, lack of appetite, trouble swallowing, dry skin, fatigue and exhaustion, and a distended abdomen are all signs that an elder may be malnourished.

    Lack of Activity

    Staying active is an important part of everyone’s health, but it is especially important for seniors who can suffer serious health conditions such as bedsores if left immobile for too long. If loved ones suspect an elder is not active enough, they should ask the facility if they have walking programs or exercise classes that can help residents stay active. Simply asking the elder what activity they last did, and when, can also indicate nursing home neglect.

    Unexplained Injuries

    Just like anyone else, the elderly can get hurt in several ways, and it does not always indicate neglect. But when there are inexplicable injuries, such as broken bones or bruises, it may be a sign of neglect. In some instances, even when injuries are explicable, it may indicate neglect. For instance, if an injury is the result of a fall, it could mean the staff left the patient to get out of bed alone – a case of neglect – and fell when doing so.

    Let a Bremen Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Help

    When someone sees the warning signs of nursing home neglect in Bremen, there are many things they can do to stop it or help their loved one move into another facility.

    If you suspect your family member suffered neglect, contact an attorney right away. An attorney could help families file a personal injury claim that may help them receive compensation for any medical expenses associated with an injury, or for the pain and suffering the elder endured because of the neglect. A Bremen nursing home abuse lawyer could also explain to families what other steps are available. Call today for a free consultation.