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    Bremen Dog Bite Lawyer

    Being attacked by a dog can result in serious physical injury in addition to lasting psychological trauma that may include PTSD, depression, and debilitating anxiety. As a result, if you have suffered injuries in a canine attack, you should contact a Bremen dog bite lawyer who could help you pursue compensation from the negligent pet owner. These cases should be handled by a personal injury attorney with relevant experience as specific complex laws typically apply to these claims.

    State Dog Bite Law

    Official Code of Georgia Annotated §51-2-6 establishes state law concerning an owner’s liability if their dog viciously bites someone. According to this statute, there are only a few situations in which a dog owner can be held legally responsible for any injuries their pet causes. A Bremen lawyer with experience in litigating dog bite cases could review a claim and determine which course of legal action to take.

    Knowledge of Viciousness

    A claimant may be able to recover damages against a dog owner if they can prove that the defendant had prior knowledge of their pet’s vicious tendencies. If such prior knowledge can be established – such as by introducing evidence of a previous dog bite incident – the plaintiff must further show that the owner handled the dog carelessly.

    Leash Law Violation

    If someone was attacked by a canine that was off-leash or otherwise not carefully controlled as required by local ordinances, this fact may be enough to establish liability under the state dog bite statute.

    It is also useful to know that a dog owner can be held liable for a dog attack if the animal has a prior history of aggression, or if it is a known dangerous breed. An attorney could explain precisely under what circumstances an owner may be held liable for a dog attack resulting in serious injury.

    Types of Compensation

    If a dog has attacked and injured someone, that individual should be able to obtain various types of compensation with the help of a Bremen dog bite attorney. This claimant may be entitled to both monetary and emotional or mental damages depending on their losses.

    Medical Expenses

    Most of an injured claimant’s damages may stem those relating to medical treatment. These may include ambulance transports costs, hospital bills, and physical therapy expenses. A plaintiff also may seek compensation for long-term psychological treatment resulting from the attack.

    Lost Income

    Recovering from a dog bite may require someone to take an extended leave of absence from their job. A Bremen lawyer could help someone hurt in a dog attack obtain compensation for the income they were unable to earn during their recovery period.

    Pain and Suffering

    An individual who suffered a dog attack may experience not just physical pain but also a wide range of adverse psychological symptoms such as depression, shock, anxiety, sleeplessness. These and other types of pain and suffering injuries are compensable under state law.

    Retain a Bremen Dog Bite Attorney

    A Bremen dog bite lawyer could help you file a civil claim against a negligent owner if their pet attacked you. These following a canine attack can be debilitating both physically and mentally. You may be entitled to compensation for the pain you have suffered. Call today and learn how an attorney could help you.