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    Bremen Boat Accident Lawyer

    Boat operators have a duty of care to drive their vessel responsibly in order to avoid injury to anyone on the water. Boaters who fail to meet this legal obligation can put themselves or someone they love in harm’s way. Additionally, in severe situations, these accidents can become fatal.

    If a recreational boat accident harmed you or a loved one, you may be eligible to pursue a claim for compensation against those responsible. A Bremen boat accident lawyer could help you assert your rights in court and pursue fair compensation. A knowledgeable personal injury attorney could guide you through the legal nuances associated with boat wreck claims.

    Negligence in Boating Wrecks

    Similarly to other injury claims, boating accident claims tend to be based on the negligent actions of others. Therefore, when a boat owner or operator behaves recklessly, they could be liable for any damages that result. Some negligent behaviors from a boat driver that may give rise to a viable claim include:

    • Inexperienced operation
    • Speeding
    • Boating while intoxicated
    • Violating navigation rules

    A claimant also may be able to hold a boat manufacturer responsible if the cause of a wreck was the vessel’s defective machinery. It is important to note that a claimant may still be able to recover compensation if they are partially to blame for their accident.

    Under Official Georgia Code Annotated §51-11-7, if a court determines that a claimant is 49 percent or less to blame for an accident, they can recover damages minus their percentage of fault. If an individual exceeds this threshold the court may bar them from recovering completely. A Bremen attorney could determine who may be the negligent parties in a boating accident claim.

    Legal Deadlines for Filing a Claim

    State law sets a two-year deadline for personal injury claims under O.C.G.A §9-3-33. While there may be some exceptions to this legal deadline, it is crucial for claimants following a boat wreck to meet the statute of limitations. A court may dismiss a lawsuit if an injured party submits their claim after the statute of limitations expires. A Bremen boat accident attorney could help an injured person meet all legal deadlines.

    Evidence in Boat Accident Cases

    For a claim to be successful, lawyer may need to collect a variety of evidence. A claimant may need witnesses who can testify as to what happened in the boating wreck to establish the fault of the owner or driver. Additionally, an injured party may need medical evidence to demonstrate that the boating accident caused them to sustain injuries. A legal representative could gather evidence and strategize how to use it in a way that may benefit a plaintiff.

    Retain a Bremen Boat Accident Attorney

    A Bremen boat accident lawyer could become your legal advocate throughout the claims process if a negligent individual caused you to suffer injuries. Not only could a legal professional identify who may be held accountable, an attorney could also help you build your case and file it in a timely manner. To learn how an attorney could help you, schedule a consultation today.