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    Riverdale Truck Accident Lawyer

    At a minimum, being involved in a motor vehicle accident is enough to ruin your day. If the wreck was severe, the injuries that you sustain and the damage to your vehicle could create lasting problems. If you were hit by a truck, chances are that you will be dealing with the repercussions of the accident for a long time.

    Being hurt in a truck wreck may not be all bad, as you may be able to recover the full compensation that you need and deserve after the collision. However, it often takes a Riverdale truck accident lawyer to ensure the proper legal mechanisms are used to ensure this happens. Reach out to a well-practiced personal injury attorney to learn your options.

    What Should a Person Do After a Truck Accident?

    The moments and days following a collision with a commercial vehicle can be chaotic and stressful. Above all else, people need to be sure to seek emergency care for their physical injuries. This helps to not only give a person the best chance to make a recovery, but it would also create a legal record of injuries that could be introduced as evidence.

    However, individuals must also be sure to understand that they need to protect their legal rights. As soon as the accident occurs, the defendant driver, their employer, and their insurance company will be acting to gather evidence and build up their defense. The sooner that a plaintiff can begin to formulate their case and gather evidence, the better the chances of success.

    People should also remember to act quickly, keeping in mind that the Official Code of Georgia §9-3-33 sets the time limit to pursue a claim at two years after the date of the collision. Contacting a Riverdale truck accident attorney can be a great first step. A lawyer can take care of all the details to protect a person’s legal rights while they focus on making their recovery.

    What are Common Situations that Could Lead to a Truck Accident?

    It is an unfortunate fact that a truck accident can happen at almost any time, and most examples are unavoidable. A momentary lapse in judgment or an unexpected road condition can cause a trucker to lose control and careen into another vehicle. The resulting losses can be catastrophic.

    One common source of truck accidents is inattentiveness. A trucker must keep their attention on the road at all times. Distractions that are the result of talking on the radio, texting, changing a radio station, or simple drowsiness can all lead to collisions.

    Other collisions come about as a consequence of the truck itself. These vehicles weigh multiple tons, and are slow to stop in case of an emergency. A trucker who presses on the brakes may lose control, resulting in a rollover or jackknife. A Riverdale truck accident attorney could provide more information about the common causes of truck collisions.

    Legal Damages After a Truck Crash in Riverdale

    The law in Riverdale aims to compensate individuals for all the injuries that they have suffered. While many of these injuries are physical in nature, there are also plenty of non-physical ways that victims of truck wrecks are likely to suffer.

    Talking to a truck accident lawyer in Riverdale could be the best way to fully understand the legal damages for which an injured person deserves reimbursement. Many individuals could recover compensation for the following types of losses in a successful lawsuit:

    • Medical expenses, both those from the past and those that are likely to be incurred in the future
    • Professional repercussions, including lost wages, a reduced ability to earn an income, and business opportunities that were lost and that are associated with the accident
    • Property damage sustained in the crash
    • Compensation for the physical pain and the mental and emotional suffering related to the crash and the resulting recovery process

    Extending Liability to a Trucking Company

    The force of a truck accident often leads to more property damage and more severe injuries to the individuals involved than other car crashes might. Fortunately, there are legal mechanisms that a Riverdale truck wreck lawyer could use to ensure that plaintiffs get the full compensation they need and deserve after being hit in a truck accident.

    The most important of these is the legal doctrine of respondeat superior, which allows civil plaintiffs to hold an employer liable for the negligence of its employees when they are on the clock and acting within the scope of their employment. If a truck driver was carrying cargo and working at the time of the crash, respondeat superior could extend liability through the truck driver and to the company they were working for at the time of the accident.

    This could be critical for victims of a truck accident, since truck drivers, even if insured, are rarely able to cover all of the costs of a significant crash. Conversely, the trucking company is far more likely to have the deep pockets necessary to pay for the plaintiff’s injuries. To learn more about establishing liability, contact a dedicated lawyer.

    Retain a Riverdale Truck Accident Attorney for Legal Help

    If you were hurt in a truck crash you were not primarily responsible for, legal representation is available that could help you pursue fair compensation. Reach out to a Riverdale truck accident lawyer today and schedule a consultation to learn your rights and how much compensation you should be entitled to receive.