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    Riverdale Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

    Many Americans rely on nursing homes to care for their elderly loved ones, and no one expects harm to come to their elder loved ones while residing in a nursing home. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse occurs every day and are often unreported.

    According to the CDC, nearly one in ten elder Americans face some form of abuse. If you or your elderly loved one suspect abuse at an assisted living facility, you might need help from an experienced Riverdale nursing home abuse lawyer. Having a committed personal injury attorney at your side could be key to effectively seeking justice and compensation for you or your loved one’s injuries.

    What is Elder Abuse?

    Nursing home abuse can take many forms and is often not easy to identify. Like many people who are abused, nursing home residents often do not report the abuse they are experiencing—in fact, they may be unaware that maltreatment is even occurring. Family members should be on the lookout for signs of potential abuse such as:

    • Bed sores
    • Social isolation
    • Depression and/or anxiety
    • Unsanitary conditions
    • Bruises and other physical injuries
    • Signs of malnutrition and rapid weight loss
    • Failure by staff to explain particular behavior

    Physical abuse is not the only form of elderly mistreatment. For example, individuals could also suffer from neglect, as well as emotional and financial abuse. If someone believes abuse is taking place, a skilled Riverdale assisted living abuse lawyer could help them report the abuse to the appropriate authorities and potentially file a civil claim.

    Nursing Home Resident Rights

    Many forms of abuse stem from negligence on the part of the nursing home. For example, if the nursing home lacks proper staffing, inadequately trains staff, understaffs employees, or provides insufficient medical care, they could be considered legally negligent.

    Official Code of Georgia §51-1-27 states that anyone who provides medical assistance to a patient for compensation is required to do so with a reasonable level of care and skill. State law goes on to say that all residents have the right to self-worth while living at a nursing home. This means that nursing homes have the responsibility to maintain and enhance their residents’ dignity and self-esteem, as stated in the guidelines set by the Georgia Department of Community Health.

    All nursing homes are required to ensure that their facilities are safe and their residents will not face unreasonable harm. For example, nursing homes are required to have safety measures in place just in case a resident slips and falls.

    The failure to have plans for potentially dangerous incidents may be a form of negligence. An experienced lawyer could help in determining if a nursing home in Riverdale is liable for any elder abuse.

    Reach Out to a Riverdale Nursing Home Attorney

    If you or an elderly loved one experienced abuse at a nursing home, you do not have to suffer alone. A Riverdale nursing home abuse lawyer could help determine if abuse is occurring and hold the nursing home responsible for any damages.

    You may be able to recover compensation for any injuries you may have suffered. Call today to schedule a consultation with a dedicated attorney.