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    Riverdale Defective Products Lawyer

    When you purchase a product, you likely trust that it works as intended. You consider it to be safe since it is on the market for consumer use. Unfortunately, many consumers still suffer injuries because of poorly manufactured products. If you have been harmed by a defective product, contacting an accomplished attorney could be the first step toward recovery.

    Whether it was a kitchen appliance, a car part, a hairdryer, a television, or anything in between that caused you harm, a Riverdale defective products lawyer could hold a manufacturer liable for the injuries their product caused.

    Georgia Laws and Defective Products

    Georgia law recognizes that its residents could suffer injury from the products that they use and gives them legal rights to seek compensation. Under the Official Code of Georgia Annotated §51-1-11, consumers who are injured by a product do not need to prove that they had privity or purchased the product to have legal standing to file a lawsuit against the product’s manufacturer. Even if the injured party was borrowing the product from another party, they still have the right to file a lawsuit.

    Defendants in Defective Product Cases

    By hiring a Riverdale defective products attorney, victims could ensure that the right defendants are named in their lawsuit. Liability for the consumer’s injuries likely depends upon the type of defect the product has.

    Design Defect

    A design defect occurs with the original design of the product. If this defect applies, the defendant who created the product could be held liable. This type of defect is likely to affect many products.

    Manufacturing Defect

    With a manufacturing defect, the product was designed safely and correctly, but something went wrong during the manufacturing process. Because of this, the manufacturer could be held accountable in court.

    Lack of Adequate Warnings

    If the manufacturer of a product fails to place proper warnings on the product or its packaging, they could be held liable. If a consumer is using the product the way it was intended and suffered harm that could have been avoided with an adequate warning, the manufacturer could be made to compensate the victim.

    Evaluating Riverdale Defective Product Cases

    Consumers who suffer injuries from using a product could contact a defective products lawyer in Riverdale to help determine the value of their case. It is important to note that Georgia does not have damage caps in place that limit the amount of financial awards a plaintiff could receive.

    However, the value of a claim depends upon the damages that the plaintiff suffers and how severe their injuries are. A defective products case with more severe injuries and extensive medical bills could garner a higher settlement or jury award. For help with recovering damages, seek the services of a dedicated lawyer.

    Call a Riverdale Defective Products Attorney

    An injury from a defective product has to potential cost a consumer tens of thousands of dollars and change the course of their life. If you were injured by a defective product, a Riverdale defective products lawyer could help you recoup your losses and even help you receive money for your pain and suffering. Call an attorney today to find out what your legal options are after sustaining an injury from a defective product.