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    Phenix City Slip and Fall Lawyer

    Slip and falls can occur to anyone and can cause serious injuries. If you suffered an injury in a slip, trip, or fall, you may be owed compensation for your injuries by the owner of the property on which you were hurt.

    If you or a loved one are involved in any type of slip and fall accident, consider speaking with a seasoned attorney. A Phenix City slip and fall lawyer could analyze the various factors of your case and advise you of the best legal options going forward.

    Establishing Liability

    For slip and fall claims to be valid, a person must be injured because a landowner did not maintain safe conditions on their property. For example, if the landlord of an apartment building is aware of broken stairs in their complex but fails to make timely repairs, they could be held liable to compensate any resident or visitor who suffers injuries or damages as a result of the unaddressed hazard. An experienced Phenix City slip and fall lawyer will keep this in mind when preparing a civil case.

    Examples of Slip and Fall Cases

    Slip and fall injuries can occur in many different circumstances. These can include:

    • Stairways with loose or damaged steps
    • Wet floors in supermarkets, retail businesses or government buildings
    • Cracked or broken walkways and sidewalks
    • Dimly lit passageways, stairs, and walkways
    • Carpet that is torn or loose
    • Broken handholds or handrails

    In these examples, a slip or fall is more likely to occur than on a property that is maintained in a clean and safe manner. A landowner who knows their premises will be visited by members of the public and does not repair these dangerous conditions may be held responsible for injuries these defects cause.

    How to Bring a Slip and Fall Claim

    The first step in any slip and fall case is for the victim to seek out and receive any medical care they need for their injuries. It is important to document all injuries and save all medical bills and reports, as this documentation of the condition of the premises where the fall occurred may be critical to a successful case.

    Slip and fall cases sometimes require a victim to hire an expert to give an opinion on the cause of the slip, trip, or fall. A medical care provider may be able to testify as to the severity of an injury suffered due to a slip and fall injury and affirm that the compensation requested by the plaintiff is reasonable and needed.

    Experts could also testify that a stairway was poorly designed and likely to cause a fall, or that a walkway was so poorly lit that it caused the victims slip and fall. A Phenix City slip and fall lawyer could seek out experts on a person’s behalf, then use the information they provide to build a case.

    Speak with an Experienced Phenix City Slip and Fall Attorney

    A skilled slip and fall lawyer in Phenix City could give local and personalized attention to you and your case. Slip and fall cases can be challenging to litigate effectively, and an experienced attorney may be able to anticipate the challenges in a client’s case and develop a strategy to win full and fair compensation.

    If you have a slip and fall injury, call today to schedule an initial consultation through which you could learn the strength of your case and have a better understanding of how an experienced Phenix City slip and fall lawyer could help pursue compensation.