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    Phenix City Car Accident Lawyer

    If you suffer an injury in a car accident in Phenix City, Alabama, you may have many questions and worries about how you can receive full and fair compensation for your injuries. A Phenix City car accident lawyer may be able to guide you through this difficult process.

    A car accident attorney in Phenix City could know how to meet and overcome all the arguments the responsible party for your accident—as well as insurance companies—may make in an attempt to avoid paying out financial compensation to a traffic accident victim. If you or a loved one were hurt in a car accident, do not hesitate to contact a skilled attorney who could analyze your case and advise you of all your legal options.

    What to Do Before Filing a Claim

    First and foremost, anyone who is a victim of a car accident in Phenix City should always seek medical attention as soon as possible after the incident. Even if someone does not feel any pain, they may still have undetected injuries that could be extremely dangerous to their health.

    Following that, it is often wise to schedule an initial consultation with a Phenix City car accident lawyer. During this consultation, an attorney could examine a prospective client’s case, present a full explanation of the entire traffic accident claim process, and begin to plan a strategy for pursuing compensation.

    Potential Compensation Available in Phenix City Car Accidents

    With the help of a Phenix City car accident lawyer, the next step in the claims process is presenting a claim for damages to the other driver and the insurance company. Depending on the circumstances of their accident, injured plaintiffs in Phenix City may make claims and pursue compensation for:

    • Property damage to the vehicle, including compensation for a rental car while their primary vehicle is being repaired
    • Reimbursement for medical expenses, including ambulance and emergency room charges, hospital and surgery expenses, physician bills, medical appliances such as crutches and wheelchairs, and prescription medications
    • Pain and suffering caused by traffic accident injuries, to cover both the period of time needed for recovery as well as future pain and suffering caused by some permanent and lifelong injuries
    • Restitution for all lost wages and time off work—or lost income if the victim is self-employed—for the time a victim needs to recover, as well as future loss of earnings if the car accident victim cannot return to full employment or earn their pre-accident income
    • Payment for rehabilitation services, in the event the car accident victim cannot return to their previous employment and needs to be retrained in a new job
    • Payment for loss of consortium—the loss of the care, companionship and intimate relations between family members

    Many car accident claims are resolved with a negotiated settlement. If a fair agreement is not reached, the accident victim can proceed with a lawsuit, and potentially continue the case to arbitration, mediation, and trial.

    Contact a Phenix City Car Accident Attorney Today

    A Phenix City car accident lawyer could fight for the best outcome in your case.  Call today for an appointment to learn your rights and options as a car accident victim and start the process of pursuing full and fair financial payment for your injuries and damages.