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    Phenix City Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

    When placing a loved one in a nursing home facility, no one expects their family member will be abused or neglected by the people tasked with protecting them. Yet that is exactly what occurs with alarming frequency across the country.

    While nursing home facilities usually provide excellent care, it is important to demand liability when those facilities fall short of their obligations. Family members can work with a Phenix City nursing home abuse lawyer to make sure their loved ones are protected, and not hurt or exploited. Speak with a skilled personal injury attorney that could help you and your loved one hold the responsible party accountable.

    Responsibility That Nursing Homes Have to Prevent Abuse

    Nursing home facilities have a responsibility to residents and their families to ensure their staff members are well-qualified and well-trained. They should conduct background checks on all new hires and employees to check for any history of abuse, neglect, or other criminal activities.

    Facility administrators also have a duty to make sure there are enough qualified staff members present during all shifts, and that the staff is not overwhelmed with too many patients to care for at once. Otherwise, they may create a situation where abuse and neglect are more likely to occur.

    Recoverable Damages

    The damages nursing homes abuse and neglect victims may seek to recover can vary greatly, depending on the circumstances.

    In addition to medical bills and costs associated with treating any worsened or emerging health condition, residents and their families may pursue compensation for the costs of therapy and medications, moving to another nursing home facility, living expenses, and fees during the time the abuse took place.

    Furthermore, emotional trauma, pain and suffering, and other psychological damages can be compensated if lobbied for effectively in civil court. Finally, in the case of wrongful death claims, wrongful death damages including end-of-life care, funeral expenses, and loss of companionship and support can be included in a demand package against an abusive care facility. A Phenix City nursing home abuse lawyer can help individuals and their loved ones recover the damages that they deserve.

    Financial Abuse of Nursing Home Residents

    In addition to the physical, verbal, emotional and even sexual abuse that nursing home residents often suffer, sometimes staff members take advantage of nursing home residents in other ways, including exploiting them financially. This can include the outright theft of personal property, identity theft, credit card fraud, and coercion of the resident into lending money or giving gifts.

    In some circumstances, staff members at nursing home facilities have also been known to steal residents’ drugs and pain medication, leaving the patient without their necessary treatment and needing to pay for more medication.

    Consulting a Phenix City Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

    More and more families are coming forward with experiences of nursing home abuse cases. If this has happened to your family member, contact a skilled Phenix City nursing home abuse lawyer. Working with experienced nursing home abuse lawyer can give families guidance as they deal with the legal process, allowing them to focus on recovery. Work with a Phenix City nursing home abuse attorney and know that you are in capable hands.