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    Phenix City Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

    While we live in a modern world filled with incredible medical advancements, many fail to recognize just how dangerous many medications actually are. Because the drug industry sometimes prioritizes marketing over safety testing and profit over the health of consumers, consumers can suffer hazardous consequences.

    If you suffer dangerous side effects from a medication you believed was safe, a Phenix City dangerous drugs lawyer may be able to help. By working with medical experts and pharmaceutical industry insiders, your professional attorney could investigate your claim and help hold companies responsible for their negligent business practices.

    Side Effects to Look Out For

    Pharmaceutical commercials are infamous for their laundry lists of possible negative side effects. Nausea, headaches, indigestion, and more—all are commonly listed among the side effects for commonly-used medications. Unfortunately, not every side effect is included on the labels of every drug, which can lead to unexpected and potentially deadly symptoms.

    In many cases, the drugs create more health problems that they solve. For example, patients with diabetes once considered the drug Invokana a lifesaver, as it helped them regulate their blood sugar levels by removing sugar from their urine. However, Invokana had a dangerous unlisted side effect: usage frequently resulted in kidney failure and ketoacidosis, potentially leading to poor blood pressure control, electrolyte imbalances, and even sudden death for those taking the drug.

    Though the Food and Drug Administration requires testing of such medications to identify and mitigate dangerous side effects, those tests are ultimately performed by humans and therefore are subject to human error. Dangerous drugs slip past with FDA approval all the time—and in many cases, it is only after patients experience hazardous side effects themselves that anyone becomes aware of the dangers.

    Compensation for Victims

    No amount of money can turn back the clock and stop a person from taking a dangerous drug. A lawsuit, however, could help recover some of the money spent on recovering from the injuries a dangerous drug can cause. Patients with negative reactions to drugs often require expensive medical care and need time off work to recover, and a settlement could help ensure that the victim is not financially ruined because of unlisted side effects.

    The non-economic damages of dangerous drugs can also be factored into a settlement. The pain and suffering endured by the victim, as well as the emotional trauma of near-death experiences, can be considered in court. A dangerous drugs attorney in Phenix City could assist victims of dangerous drugs to better understand the potential costs and damages associated with their experience.

    Get Legal Assistance from a Phenix City Dangerous Drugs Attorney

    It can often be difficult to know if your bad reaction to a dangerous drug was typical. In many cases, victims trust their doctor, the FDA, and the pharmaceutical industry without ever realizing they were mistreated. If you suspect you are a victim of mislabeling or were not properly warned of a medication’s side effects, a conversation with a Phenix City dangerous drugs lawyer may help.

    By speaking with an attorney, you could gain a better understanding of your experience and determine if you have a viable case. There is no time to waste given how much is on the line, so call today to set up your appointment.